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Activating a GSM BYOD Device with an Existing Number


Last updated by Isabel M

So you checked out our handy compatibility checker and got your own snazzy BYOD-eligible device to bring over to Ting but you want to keep using a number you’ve had for a while. The following steps will show you how to add that device to your Ting account and activate it by transferring or “porting” a number from your current phone carrier.


1. Go to and click Activate on the blue nav bar.


2. Sign into your Ting account online using your Ting, Amazon or Persona login information.


3. Choose "Bring your own device" and click Select.


4. Enter the IMEI of the device you're bringing to Ting and click Check compatibility. You can also skip this step and go straight to your SIM card if you just want to activate a SIM card and deal with the device later.


5. Choose your SIM card from drop down list. If you don't see it you'll have the option to select that in the drop down and enter it manually. Then click Continue.


6. Select "Bring a number you already have", enter the number you want to transfer and click Continue. If the number can be ported to Ting you'll proceed to the next page. If it can't, you'll get a message letting you know that here.


7. Fill in the account holder information that's on file with your current carrier in the fields that appear below. For help with port out PIN or password requirements of different carriers, click here.


8. Confirm your billing information and click Continue.


9. Check all your details one more time, take a look at the Terms of Service and agree to them and then click Continue.


10. Your number transfer will take 2-24 hours if it's a mobile phone number, and 5-7 days if it's a land line or VOIP number.

Once your port completes you'll get an email from us to let you know. If you have a device, install your SIM card in it once you receive this email. The email will include a link that will direct you back to your final activation steps for your device.

For now, sit back and relax!


If you have installed your GSM SIM card in a device, while your number is transfering, and when it first transfers, only your GSM SIM card will show up in your Active device list in your account Device settings.


In most cases, within an hour of the transfer completing the GSM device you've installed the SIM card in will show up in your Active devices list and the SIM card number will be listed as its ICCID.

If the device name doesn't show up, you can always edit the device nickname instead.

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  • Avatar
    David Anselmi

    Step 1 should be "get a Ting SIM card" don't you think?  That doesn't seem to be possible as part of the activation.

  • Avatar
    Chris Davis

    When do we put the new SIM card into our BYOD device?

    Thank you.

  • Avatar
    Matthew and Natasha Carney

    Chris- Step 11 (last step) above answers your question.

  • Avatar
    Greg Dockrey

    Apparently, I missed the part about the sim card (GSM) being a 1 time activation with either an assigned # or ported # before activating. You need to make it in bold font that it is quite different than CDMA porting or activation, so maybe a few of us won't have to buy another sim card to port an existing number ( I activated the card, put it in the wife's first smart phone and let here get her feet wet before feeling comfortable about porting her old # to new phone... now I need another SIM; another $10 gone because I didn't catch the "catch".

  • Avatar
    David Ridgley

    When transferring a number from Verizon do you want to use your Verizon Security Code in the Port Out PIN field or your account password? One would assume the Security Code since it is a 4 digit number but I just wanted to be sure. Ty

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Hey David!

    It's the Verizon security code that you enter in when you log into your Verizon account from your phone :)

  • Avatar
    David Ridgley

    Ah ok, when I use the Verizon app on my phone it has me enter my password to login, it won't accept the Security Code. I never actually use the 4 digit security code for anything. Maybe it's used when you call to check voicemail or manage your account that way? I use Google voice though so I never encounter it.

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Yea, it's whenever you are accessing your Verizon account from your phone.. take a look at this article here, it has all the required information from every carrier when porting a number from somewhere else :)

  • Avatar
    Jimmy H. Mata

    What about for Google Voice numbers? What do we enter for the account number and port out pin?

  • Avatar
    Brian McLellan

    For Google Voice, the account number is the phone number, and there is no port out pin, so you can use any placeholder number (such as "1234")

  • Avatar
    Jex Gerbin

    What about activating a new GSM device with an existing Ting number. Can I use my existing GSM Sim card in my current phone or do I need to buy a new one?

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