GSM Feature/Basic Phone APN Settings

Some feature phones will have their APN settings hard-coded so that they cannot be changed. If that's the case, a customer won't be able to get data on a device even if the compatibility checker may have indicated 2G data.

Before beginning these directions, insert your activated Ting GSM X1 SIM card.

  1. Press the Menu button
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Connection
  4. Select Access Points
  5. Select New
  6. Enter APN settings
    • Name: Ting
    • APN:  wholesale
    • Leave username and password blank
  7. Select Done/Save
  8. Restart your device and wait for it to find the Ting network--this may take a minute or so

**If you got to this page by way of a link in the activation process, go back to that browser tab and click "It worked" to see your phone number.**

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