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Buying and Receiving Devices


Last updated by Christian Robinette

How do I purchase a device?

Head over to, and click on the device you want to purchase. Then click on the "Buy It" button in the device detail. For a step-by-step on how to sign up and purchase a device, click here.

What shipping options do you offer?

  • Home - 10 business days or less - USPS
  • Express Saver - 3 business days - Fed Ex
  • 2 Day - 2 business days - Fed Ex

Remember, don't count the day that your order ships in your delivery transit time.  Also, the warehouse will not ship after 3pm EST. If you place your order before the 3pm EST cut off on Monday (and the item is in stock), Express Saver gets it to you by Thursday and 2-Day gets it to you by Wednesday. If you place your order after the cut off time of 3pm EST on that same Monday, then add another day to those transit times because the order isn't leaving the warehouse until Tuesday.  

There's a note showing that the device "Ships _______." What does that mean?

This note indicates the availability of the device.

Items that are in stock:

  • Ships Today
  • Ships (next business day)

If the ship date isn't one of the two options above, it means we're waiting for stock to come in and that your device will leave the warehouse on or before the date indicated. You should start counting your transit time (the time it takes for the device to get to you from our warehouse) from that date, give or take a day. Choosing expedited shipping will not affect the time frame indicated in a shipping note.

If you wish to be alerted when a device is added to the shop you can do so from your account, via account settings, by toggling the options shown below.  To set them to On/Off just click the pencil icon.


Where do devices ship from?

Our warehouse is located in Starkville, Mississippi.

Can I purchase multiple devices at once?

If you are purchasing multiples of the same device then, yes, you can. Just change the number in the quantity field to the number you want to purchase. If you're purchasing different devices, however, you'll need to place separate orders

Can I combine shipments?

Orders shipping with the Home service level (5-10 business days) that are placed one right after the other will likely be combined at our warehouse. Orders shipping Express Saver or 2 Day are not able to be combined.

Can I pay for my device in installments or over time?

While we do not offer financing directly, we do through Affirm on select new devices.  Please have a look here for more information.

What happens after I purchase a device?

After a successful purchase, you'll receive an email confirmation of your order. From there, we'll pull the device from our warehouse and get it shipped that day if you've placed your order before 3pm EST. You'll also get an email once the device has shipped with your Fedex tracking number.

I placed an order for an item that was in stock, but I haven't received my tracking number.

Go back to and double check the "ships in...." note for the device. Your device will ship on or before the date indicated. If the shipping date is today or the next business day, then your device has likely shipped. Sometimes devices ship out before our system updates with a tracking number. If you haven't seen that e-mail by the next business day, get in touch so we can check into it for you.

My device just arrived. What do I do next?

Before you can use your device with Ting, you must activate it on your account. To learn how to activate your device, follow the steps the help section called Activating Devices.

Why does my order require a signature?

To protect and secure your order, packages of a certain value will require a signature. While we understand this may inconvenience some of our customers - who we love dearly - it is a security measure that FedEx insists on having and Ting cannot remove the signature requirement. 

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  • Avatar
    Michael Mayfield

    Is it possible to purchase more than one device under my account?  One will be for me, the other phone will be for my wife.

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Of course Michael! That's one of the great advantages of using Ting... to pool your usage.

  • Avatar
    Eric Vollbrecht

    But can you buy multiple devices right away? Or do you have to buy one and then add more latter? When I click on buy a device it doesn't give me the option to add a second one.

  • Avatar
    Michael Mayfield

    I found that I had to click that purchase/buy button several times to buy several devices.  I then sent in a help ticket to confirm that I had indeed only bought two phones.  I clicked twice on buy and sure enough I bought two.

    Food for thought: perhaps placing a drop down menu when purchasing phones will help alleviate this problem.


  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hi fellas.

    We don't currently offer a shopping cart feature that would allow for multiple purchases at once. When we first got started, we weren't even sure that a shopping cart would be needed. But now we have customers buying 2, 3 and even 4 devices at one (last week we had a business customer buy 10+ phones!)... so having the capability of purchasing multiple devices is becoming more important.

    For customers who wish to purchase multiple phones at once, our customer service team have been offering to put the order through manually to save customers the trouble.

    If you fall into this category, give us a call, or shoot us an email and we'll do what we can to make your life easier. :)


  • Avatar
    Richard St John

    Ben; based on the above comments, if I want to buy 4 devices, do I have to place 4 separate orders or is there some way to purchase all of them at once?

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hey Rick,

    Right now, they're all separate orders. Sorry about that. If you like, you can call us up on the phone and we'll put the order in for you.


  • Avatar
    Meghann Dennis

    I just bought a device for my daughter-in-law and silly me forgot that I had a discount code.  Is it too late?  :(

  • Avatar


    1. The Vero is gone? Is there going to be a replacement flip or rugged device? I am about ready to bring my son over but none of the available devices will last a couple of weeks in his hands (or more likely falling out of his pocket!)


    PS: Is there any way to be notified of the imminent removal of a device from the list?

  • Avatar
    Brenda Wharton

    Will you add a flip phone soon? I am looking to add it for my kids to use this summer.


  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    I am strongly looking at Ting for me & my wife.. I am looking at the Samsung Transform Ultra, but I am concerned about some reception and call quality issues reported by others in other online forums and reviews.

    Many prepaid carriers allow you to return a device within 30 days if it proves unsatisfactory. Does Ting have such a policy?

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    Ting has responded to me privately. I have ordered a Ting phone.

  • Avatar
    TerriLee Zink

    Is there any update on the ship date for the Transform Ultra? Looking forward to becoming a Ting customer.

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    Michael, the Transform Ultra is currently listed on Ting's device page I assume it is currently in stock.

  • Avatar
    Joe McCarron

    Does a Ting device have to be purchased outright or can the cost of it be spread out over the course of a few/several billing cycles?  I ask this due to the high initial price of some of the high end devices.  Also, with (what seems like) a newer bill estimator (since I last checked the page) calculates the cost of the phone over a 2 year period.  Verizon used to have this option but ditched it when (as it seems) they got pricier devices.

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Awww geez... sorry folks... I hadn't noticed there were a bunch of questions in here until Joe posted.

    Here you go (in order):

    @Meghann: did you get sorted out with your discount code? Call us in support and we'll fix you up.

    @B: We're working on a 'low stock' indicator on our device page. Yes, Vero's gone. Sorry. We're looking at some ruggedized devices, keep an eye on the blog for more info.

    @Rodger: Check out the Samsung M370... it's a great flip phone (and our only one!):

    @Michael: Our Transform Ultra phones are pretty popular. As I write this update, our current estimated ship date is  1-3 days. 

    @Joe: The calculator amortizes the cost of the device over a two year period to help paint an accurate picture of true total cost for the period. We understand the price of devices is an obstacle for many. But we have no complicated contracts (which we'd need if we had a payment agreement). We'd also fail terribly at being a lending institution... and would probably feel guilty charging you interest and refund it. :)

  • Avatar
    Breana Miller

    I purchased the LG Optimus Elite a couple weeks ago, and today I just found that they added the Optimus Elite in white. Is there anyway I could change my order to receive it in white rather than in black? I like the phone in either color, but I just thought I would ask.

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne


    If I were in your position, I would call Ting and ask if you could change your order. 

    I originally order a Transform Ultra from Ting. After it shipped, but before I received it, I noticed that ing offered the HTC Detail that would better meet my needs. I caled Ting and asked if I could return the Transform Ultra, unopened. They handled it well, better than I expected.

    Ting likes to treat each customer as an individual, making sure they are satisfied customers.

  • Avatar
    Clay Whitenack

    Just out of curiosity, from what location do the devices ship? 

  • Avatar
    Scott Allan

    Hi Clay, our devices ship from Los Angeles. Hope that answers your question, thanks! 

  • Avatar
    Clay Whitenack

    It does Scott.  Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Terence Morgan

    Hello Scott, my name is Terence. Im researching switching to Ting and I saw your comment that your devices ship from Los Angeles, the city I live in. My question concerns will call service. Even if shipping is free, it would be great if I could go pick up the phone on the same day that I order it. I hate waiting for something important in the mail to come. Id rather ride my bike to your warehouse, get some exercise and come home with my new phone if possible. Thanks. 

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Terence, right now that isn't possible as our warehouse isn't set up to distribute devices to individuals. That said, my understanding is that they are delivered extremely quickly to people who live in California in particular.

  • Avatar
    Terence Morgan

    Understood. Thank you for your prompt reply. 

  • Avatar
    kyle dvorak

    Are you guys falling behind at the warehouse. I ordered a phone on Sunday and I still have not received my shipping confirmation. Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Tracking numbers sometimes don't get sent out for a couple days. If you haven't received it by tomorrow, let us know and we'll take a look, but I'd think it should have shipped by now.

  • Avatar
    Justin Harris

    Hi guys, I'm really excited to start using the ting service.  This will be my first smartphone ever! 

    My question is in the same ball park as Kyle's.  I purchased a device on March 17th, it is now the 22nd and I have yet to receive a tracking number. On the 17th I did receive a confirmation email that said, "We expect to have your device in stock shortly." I'm not sure what this means and I wondering why I would have been able to purchase a device that wasn't in stock.

    Thank you!

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Hi Justin. The phone you selected was backordered when you placed the order. There should have been a yellow line below the device in the list saying "ships in 1-2 weeks." Give it another week or so, and we should have them back in stock and shipping out as quickly as we receive them.

  • Avatar
    tyffanee sue

    After many years with a VerizonWireless family plan (5 lines) and ridiculous charges, I decided to venture out and try Ting. But because I'm not sure I'm ready for a full commitment, I wanted a used phone.

    I first got a phone via ebay, but the ESN wasn't clean. Sent that back, got a refund. I figured I would get a phone through Ting, even though the prices were substantially higher. Worth it, I thought, for a reliable phone.

    Not so fast. Turns out the used phones are not Ting phones, but phones procured through a third party, Glyde. Which I assumed, without doing any research, was a company that refurbished phones. 

    I was wrong. Glyde is just a wannabe ebay, connecting buyers to sellers and collecting about 25% of the proceeds. They had never seen the phone that was sent me. And that phone is also defective, so I have to return it. 

    Now I need to find a third phone. Or go back to Verizon, which is starting to look more tempting every day. Whenever I had a problem with their phones, I'd go to their store and walk out with a new one, no charge, only minor hassles. 

    So my question is: where can I get a reliable phone that I can use with Ting?  Is a new phone my only option? 

  • Avatar
    Rob Lake

    Hi Tiffany,

    I'm sorry about the issues you've had securing a phone, or if our relationship with Glyde was in any way not clearly laid out.

    To get yourself a phone that works outright, it's not absolutely essential to buy a new phone. However, as I'm sure if clear to you now, there are risks associated with buying used that don't exist when buying new.

    When it comes down to it, used phones have shorter warranties and have seen more used, and are thus more likely to have issues.

    If you're concerned about things like warranty, longevity and condition, buying new is a great solution.

    If on the other hand, your primary concern is related to price and just having something that will work, then nothing beats buying used.

    Please let us know if you have any other questions, or if there's anything else there's anything else that we can do to help you get yourself a phone that you can use with Ting.

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