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If you need to return or replace your Ting device, you'll want to read over the information below. For a slightly longer and more detailed version of the information in this article, check out our Terms of Service.

What is the warranty if I have a new Ting device?

New Ting devices have a warranty of 1 year from the purchase date.

What is the warranty if I have a refurbished Ting device?

Refurbished Ting devices have a warranty of 30 days from the purchase date.

What is the warranty if I have a BYOD device purchased from another third party?

Ting's warranty doesn't cover devices you purchased somewhere else and brought over to our service. 

What does Ting's warranty cover?

Our warranty covers defects in materials or quality. It does not include:

  • Defects arising from damage
  • Normal wear-and-tear or aging
  • Visible, accidental physical damage
  • Liquid damage
  • "Rooted" or "modded" devices

How does the warranty replacement process work?

If you need to have a device replaced due to a defect in materials or quality:

  • Get in touch with us so we can start the replacement process for you.
  • We'll ship your replacement right away so that you can transfer contacts and other data to the new device (if applicable).
  • When your replacement ships out, we will preauthorize the credit card you have on file for the cost of the replacement, just in case the original device isn't returned.
  • We'll also email you a prepaid shipping label so that you can return the defective device.
  • You'll return this original device and all components and accessories that were shipped, including battery, charger, USB cable, SD card, and manual (if applicable).
    • It must be received back in our warehouse within 21 days of the replacement being shipped, and you will get reminder emails from us.
    • If the original isn't received within 21 days, we'll assume you wanted to keep both devices, and we will charge you for the replacement and express shipping fees, if applicable.
  • We'll check the condition of the returned device to confirm that it is still covered under warranty and that all components and accessories were returned.
    • If everything is in order, we'll let you know by email.
    • We will charge a nonrefundable missing parts fee if components are missing, as outlined in our Terms of Service.
    • If the device's condition isn't covered under warranty, we'll let you know, and you'll be billed for the replacement device.
    • Devices returned to Ting must have also had any activation locks removed to allow access for triage.
      Removing Android activation lock
      Removing iPhone activation lock

What if I dropped my phone or otherwise accidentally damaged it?

Ting does not cover accidental damage under our warranty.

Does Ting offer insurance?

Ting does not offer phone or device insurance, but you can certainly purchase it through a third-party insurer. Please note that if you have your device replaced by a third-party insurer, they may replace it with a device that may not work with Ting. If you're not sure, get in touch with us.

Should I have my device replaced directly with the manufacturer?

If you purchased your device from Ting directly, we don't recommend having your device replaced by the manufacturer. Similar to replacements from insurance companies, they may replace it with a device that may not work with Ting. We handle the manufacturer's warranty on your behalf, so there is no need to go to the manufacturer directly.

What if I don't like the phone that I purchased?

If Ting doesn't work out for you, you can also return a device that has been opened and gently used (but not damaged) within thirty days, so long as you've used fewer than 300 minutes, 300 text messages, and 300 megabytes of data.

If you receive a device from us that does not power up out of the box or is still in its unopened box, you can return it for a full refund within thirty days of purchase. If you receive a damaged device, please reach out to us immediately, and we'll be happy to help by replacing it or returning it.

Does requesting a warranty replacement mean I'll automatically get one?

Once you get in touch with us, we'll ask questions to determine if the reason for your return falls under what's covered under our warranty first. If it does, we'll start the replacement process. If not, we'll let you know at that time.

Will I get a new phone as a replacement?

If your device is eligible for replacement, at our discretion, depending on the length of time the phone has been in use, we will replace it with a new or refurbished device of the same or comparable model.

Can I still be charged for a replacement device once I've sent my original back?

There are two instances in which we charge for a replacement device. We need to receive the device back to our warehouse within 21 days of creating the replacement order. If we see no movement on the tracking of our return label after 21 days, we will need to charge, and we will assume that you no longer wish to return the original device.

If the original device arrives at our warehouse showing signs of physical or liquid damage, accidental or otherwise, or a modified operating system, we will charge for the replacement device.

What if Ting finds that the damage to my device isn't covered under warranty after I've sent it back?

We inspect devices to confirm that defects are not the result of accidental damage, liquid damage, normal wear, and tear, rooting or modding. If we find any of these issues, you will be billed for the replacement.

What if I want to have my device replaced by a different model?

If you want to replace your device with a different model, the replacement process is a little different. The new model needs to be purchased, and then a return order will be created for the original device, provided it is within the return timeframe of 30 days from purchase. These will be two separate transactions. The return process is the same as the replacement process except that once your returned device passes inspection, you'll receive a refund.

If you want to keep the phone number on the phone you're returning, and you don't have a spare device to move it to, you'll want to purchase your replacement phone before shipping back your original.

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