If you're like us, then there are not many things more aggravating to you than making a purchase only to see the price drop the next day. We want you to feel comfortable purchasing your device when you're ready to buy—not when you think we might have a sale. Plus we'd like you to be strutting around feeling great about your latest device purchase, rather than lamenting a price drop.

So, to help you out, we've put in place the 30-Day Price Guarantee.


1. What is the 30-Day Price Guarantee?

This guarantee means that if the price of a device drops within 30 days of your purchase date, you can get back the difference in a service credit on your account.  

2. How do I get the credit?

Just get in touch and let us know. We'll put the credit on your account once we get your request.

3. What kind of credit will I get?

You'll get a service credit on your Ting account that will be put toward your usage. It will show up in the Bills section of your account as a "Device subsidization credit."

4. When do my 30 days start?

The clock starts on your purchase date and runs for 30 days. So if you purchase on June 15th, and the price drops anytime between that day and July 14th, you're eligible for a credit.

You just need to get in touch with us by the 14th of July.

5. Can I get the credit on day 31? That's pretty close, right?

See question 4. All good things must come to an end, and we have to cap it somewhere. We think 30 days is a reasonable cap.

6. Does the price guarantee cover devices purchased from Glyde or other sellers?

No. The guarantee only covers devices purchased directly from Ting. That means New and Refurbished devices purchased directly from Ting, but not the following:

  • Used devices purchased from private sellers in Ting's buy and sell forums
  • Used devices purchased from Glyde
  • New or Used devices bought from any other third party (Amazon, eBay, Swappa, etc.) that you found via links on our site

7. Does the price guarantee cover devices paid for with my Amazon Payments information?

Absolutely. Your method of payment has no bearing on whether or not the price guarantee is applied.

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