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Device order troubleshooting


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Having trouble placing an order on Here are a few simple troubleshooting tips to help you get your order completed and a device on its way to you.

1. One account per email address

You will run into trouble if you're trying to set up multiple Ting accounts with the same email address. We use your email address as one of a few individual identifiers for you, so if you're setting up more than one Ting account, you'll need to have more than one email address.

2. One account per credit card

As a security measure, each credit card can only be associated with one account. So, just like with email addresses, if you're setting up more than one Ting account, you'll need to have more than one credit card.

3. Know your credit card billing information

The most common issue that customers come up against when placing orders is a billing address mismatch. When placing your order, make sure the billing address you enter on the site matches the one on your credit card statement and don't forget apartment or unit numbers. You can have your device shipped to a different address and enter a different service address, but the billing address that you enter needs to match the one on your credit card statement.

4. Moved lately? Check your billing address

Again, credit card address mismatches are the number one reason that a credit card fails during purchase, so if you've moved recently, confirm which address is on file with your credit card company.

5. Make sure your CVV matches

You'll want to have your credit card physically handy so that you can enter the CVV found on the back of the card. Make sure this matches, because your order won't go through otherwise. If the CVV on your card is starting to rub off and you don't know it by heart, you may want to have your credit card issuer replace your card.

6. US & Canada billing addresses only

Currently, we are not set up to take foreign cards so your credit card must be associated with:

  • a US- or Canada-based bank or card issuer


  • a US (including APO, FPO and Puerto Rico) or Canada billing address

7. Physical US shipping addresses only

Shipping addresses must be in the US and they need to be a house, apartment, office or another type of building. We don't ship outside of the US and we can't ship to PO boxes. We do not ship to APO, FPO or Puerto Rico at this time.

8. Why does my order require a signature?

To protect and secure your order, packages of a certain value will require a signature. While we understand this may inconvenience some of our customers - who we love dearly - it is a security measure that FedEx insists on having and Ting cannot remove the signature requirement.

Still having trouble?

If you've checked all of these things and you're still having trouble getting your order placed, give us a call at 1-855-846-4389 or get in touch by email so we can help you out.

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