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GSM BYOD: Supported Devices & FAQ


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Now you can bring your own unlocked GSM device to Ting.  Check out our list of most asked questions and when you're ready to bring your device to Ting, you can head over to our Activation Guide to get started.

If you’ve got a Sprint®*-branded device that you want to bring to Ting, click here for more information on what to do.

 For help finding a particular GSM device give our Personal Shopper service a try.

1. How do I check if my device is compatible?

If you want to check the eligibility of your specific device, just enter your device's IMEI in our handy compatibility checker and we'll tell you right away if your device will be able to make the leap to Ting.

If you don’t have a device yet but you want to know which ones you can bring to Ting on the GSM network, you’ll need to check which bands are supported on the phone to confirm if they’ll work with Ting on the GSM network. For more general compatibility information, click here.


2. Is there a list of compatible devices for Ting on GSM?

We don’t have a list for GSM devices because of the sheer number of compatible devices. If you're interested in a specific device check the bands supported by the device against the chart here to see if it can come to Ting. If you already have a device, enter your IMEI in our checker to see if it can make the leap.


3. What is an "eligible" GSM device?

  • Can’t be marked as lost or stolen
  • Must support compatible bands
  • Can’t be subject to any outstanding balance with another carrier or locked to another carrier

4. My device comes up as not supported when I enter the IMEI in the compatibility checker - should I call to confirm?

Our support team uses the same compatibility checker to check the eligibility of devices for BYOD, so they have the same information that you do. If your device’s IMEI returns a result indicating that your device isn’t compatible, that means it's not supported for BYOD at this time. While compatibility may grow as networks are upgraded, if it’s not compatible today it’s not likely to be ever be compatible.


5. Will I need a new SIM card if I want to use a GSM device on Ting?

Yes. No matter where you're coming from (i.e. AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, or elsewhere), you'll need a fancy new Ting GSM X1 SIM card (which can break into mini, micro, and nano sizes).


6. How will I know if my GSM device is locked?

You'll need to check this with your current carrier. While our compatibility checker will let you know if you can bring your device to Ting, it won't tell you if the device is locked or not. For more information on unlocking, click here.


7. Will Ting be able to unlock my device for me?

No, we won't be able to unlock your device for you; you'll need to contact your current carrier to do that. For more information on unlocking, click here.


8. My device is active with Ting on CDMA. Can I move it to Ting on GSM?

Maybe, depending on your device. There are a lot of phones that are dual network and can be used on either. Most of the newer iPhones and Nexus devices are dual network devices that can be used on either CDMA or GSM. Contact us and we can check out your device's IMEI/MEID for you and confirm if the phone number can move over as well.


9. How does the Bring Your Own Device to Ting process work?

  1. Visit and enter your IMEI.
  2. We check your IMEI's eligibility and let you know that device is compatible with Ting on the GSM network as long as it is unlocked.
  3. During activation we’ll ask for your SIM card number if you don’t have a SIM yet, go ahead and buy one. We’ll email you a link to come back to this spot in the activation when you’re ready.
  4. Activate your SIM with a new phone number, transfer over an existing number or swap a number from another Ting phone if you already have an account.
  5. Follow the steps on your phone to complete your activation.


10. How long does the Bring Your Own Device to Ting process take?

As long as it takes to activate your SIM card. If you’re activating with a new number then it’s about 2 minutes. If you’re transferring a number from another carrier it’s 2-24 hours though most ports complete in 2-6 hours (Landlines and VOIP lines require 5-7 days). If you’re swapping a number from another GSM device that’s pretty much immediate but if you want to swap a number from a CDMA device on your account then that will take a little longer as the number would effectively have to port from CDMA to GSM or vice versa.


11. Can I use my device during the Bring Your Own Device to Ting process?

Yes. You can keep your current carrier’s SIM card in the device until you’ve activated your Ting SIM card. If you’re transferring a number to Ting, you can also keep your current carrier’s SIM card in your device until your number has transferred. Then, just pop in your Ting SIM card and complete your activation.


12. How do I find my device's IMEI?

With most devices, the IMEI is at the back of the handset, underneath the battery. If your battery is not removable, click on the links below for directions on how to find this information in your phone's settings or try dialing *#06# as that will display the IMEI on most devices:


13. I received an error that my device has been flagged as lost or stolen. What now?

If a device has been flagged as lost or stolen, we will be unable to activate the device.

If you are the original device owner and you believe the device has been flagged in error, you should contact your previous carrier to have this flag removed. If this is a device you purchased through a third party, you should contact the seller immediately to attempt to return it and get your money back.

In some cases and lost/stolen flag will not occur until after your device has been activated. In that case, your SIM card will still work but not in the flagged device. Pop your SIM card into another eligible device while resolve issues with the flagged device.


14. Can I bring my phone number to Ting?

Yes, we are able to transfer a number from any carrier over to Ting.  You can check a specific number here


15. My device has gone through the Bring Your Own Device to Ting process but is still not working.

There are a couple of things you might manually need to change to activate your device. Please make sure you've gone through the steps to complete your activation. In most cases, these steps will resolve any issues.

If you have tried these steps but are still experiencing errors or are unable to use certain functions on your device, contact us so we can help you out.


16. What else do I need to know?

If you're still not sure if Ting on GSM is right for you, check out this article.

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Need to know which GSM devices you can bring to Ting?

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Want to know about GSM iPhones on Ting?

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Need help getting your GSM device activated on Ting?

Completing Your Activation


*Sprint is a trademark of Sprint



*Sprint is a trademark of Sprint

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  • Avatar
    Bryce Nesbitt

    The ting compatibility checker is confused by spaces in the IMEI.

    Apple presents the IMEI with spaces.  Could you strip those out?

  • Avatar
    Kyra Longford

    Hey Bryce, thanks, I've passed this on to our development team!

  • Avatar
    Bryce Nesbitt

    Thanks  Apple format by the way is 01 378900 XXXXX X

    The compatibility checker requires all the numbers jammed together.

  • Avatar
    Paul Morales

    Considering a gsm phone to feel out the network improvements from years past. My question is if I move my CDMA number over to a gsm phone and the network isn't up to par, can I still transfer my number back to a CDMA phone from a gsm phone? Thanks.

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Paul,

    If Ting GSM doesn't work out for you, you can definitely transfer your number back to a CDMA phone from a GSM one. It's quite easy to do, it can be done entirely through your Ting dashboard!

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