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FAQ: Updating a Number Transfer Request


Last updated by Isabel M

1. I got an email indicating that my port didn't complete and needs to be updated. What should I do?

The email you've received will give you one of two options:  

  • You'll be instructed to get in touch with our support team so we can help you with your port update.


  • You'll receive directions on what needs to be modified in your port request along with a link that will take you to the Device settings page in your Ting account online. The CDMA device or GSM SIM card that the number is being ported to will have a Requires update link next to it. Click it to update your port request. If you don't see any devices with this option, there should be a banner at the top of the page that you can click to get to the update form.
1. I got an email indicating that my port didn't complete and needs to be updated. What should I do?


On your number transfer form, look for the text in red at the top that tells you what needs to be updated, and enter the correct information.


When you've completed the form, click Done.

2. What are some of the reasons that a number transfer doesn't complete?

There are several reasons why a port or transfer may fail to complete, but the most common ones are:

  • Missing or incorrect account number
  • Missing or incorrect port out PIN/password

Less common ones include:

  • Customer information mismatch (i.e. wrong name, account address etc)
  • Incorrect zip code
  • First or last name are incorrect
  • Business name is incorrect

3. I don't think I have an account number or port out PIN/password. What should I do?

Customers are often surprised to find out they have an account number or password associated with their phone number; that's not unusual. Usually this information was either given to you when you first set up the account and never used again, or it was never given to you at all because it's not something you need in order to use your carrier's service. Carriers have to have some information on file for you that is not easily known or obtained by someone else to keep your phone number secure from being ported out by another person without your authorization.

4. How do I get the information I need to update my port request?

If you're missing port information and it's not readily available in your account, you'll need to call your carrier's customer service line to get that information. Ting does not have access to that information and we aren't able to get it from your carrier on your behalf for security reasons (see the previous question).

We've compiled a list of number port requirements from various carriers here, but as this information is constantly changing, it's safest to get in touch with your carrier directly.

5. What kind of information should I be getting from my carrier?

You'll want to make sure that you get the following account details:

  • Account holder name
  • Account address
  • Account number
  • Port out pin or password

The two leading reasons that ports aren't approved are because the account number and/or port out PIN/password are not correct.

If you're with one of the largest carriers then they will have an account number on file for you (that is likely not your phone number), as well as a port out PIN/password.

If you're with a smaller carrier then there is a much wider variety. Smaller carriers may even use your phone number or device ESN/MEID as your account number. However they may also have specific account number for you. Simply ask for what you'll need to port your number out.


6. Now that I've updated my port information, how long will it take to complete?

If your port required an update, then it may have gone from being handled by an automated system to being handled manually, so a real person has to look at the information and make sure it matches up now. That means there's no guarantee of how long it will take. However, the majority of correctly updated ports take 1-3 hours to complete and the almost all of them will complete within 24 hours.

7. How will I know if my number port has completed or still needs more information?

You'll hear from us by email whether your port is successful or not.

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  • Avatar
    Wayne Oetinger

    I've attempted to update the missing/incorrect info, but get the following response after making the change:  "Port request can not be modified"


    Any suggestions?

  • Avatar
    Isabel M

    Hi Wayne,

    A help request has been created for you and someone on our support team will be reaching out to your shortly.

  • Avatar
    Piotr Picz

    After I have the devices that I plan on using for Ting how long does it take to transfer the numbers?  I have two numbers from an ATT family plan I would like to transfer to Ting.  When should I cancel my contract?

  • Avatar
    Brennan V

    Hey Piotr,

    You can find the answer to your questions plus any other you might have by referencing our  FAQ post. For convenience, I'll repost below:

    How long will it take to port my phone number to Ting?

    On average, transfers of mobile phone numbers take 2-6 hours. If you're transferring a land line or Google Voice number, it will take 5-7 days.

    What happens to my current wireless service after I transfer my wireless number to Ting?

    Your account will automatically be cancelled.

    Do I need to cancel my current service to complete the number transfer to Ting?

    No, in order to transfer your phone number to Ting, your service must be active. After the number port has been completed, your previous carrier will automatically cancel your account.


  • Avatar
    Lisa Sangster

    I have given up trying to port my number. How do I now try to port a different number when you already have that original number in a locked place that I can't edit?

  • Avatar
    Renny M

    Hi Lisa,

    I see that you have sent in a help request to cancel your number port. It looks like Ben is helping you, you should be up and running in no time!

  • Avatar
    Christopher Fleury

    We have tried updating the account number numerous times. its the same number as the account number on the bill yet it still says incorrect. what do I do ?

  • Avatar
    Paraic O

    Hi Christopher,

    I'm going to reach out to you via a help request. Keep an eye out for an email from me.

  • Avatar
    Mary Lawson

    Would love to speak to someone in real time about this problem, but phone is not working. Is there a helper chat window or something? I keep getting the same robo message in email from

  • Avatar
    Marty M

    Hi Mary.  We're happy to help.  Check your emails for a response to your support request - it should be there shortly.

  • Avatar
    Savannah Freese

    Is it at all possible to cancel porting a number over to a new device? I'm having a difficult time getting in contact with my previous carrier and at this point, it does not look to be worth the effort to switch my old number over, and I would rather just have a functioning phone with a new number.

  • Avatar
    Marg C

    Hi Savannah! Sorry to hear you're having trouble with your old provider. You can cancel a number transfer by submitting a Help Request with us! 

  • Avatar
    Joseph Winnert

    So after trying to port my number over from Tracfone I got an email saying that the account number is incorrect, after verifying it was correct I tried to reenter it with a different password, but I keep getting the message account number does not match and that there is an error on the page please retry. Is it really an issue with my account number or is the issue with the page itself?

  • Avatar
    Ting Help

    Hi Joseph!  We are not experiencing problems with the site, so please do give your previous provider a call to make sure you have the correct account number and PIN.  Also good to note, only numbers/letters should go in those fields, no punctuation.  If you need further help, please contact us!

  • Avatar
    James Allison

    The error with my port request is incorrect zip code. That is incorrect. I verified the zip code on both ends and they match each other and match my mailing address zip. I even took out the +4 on the port as it wasn't there in the carrier account. Now they are exactly the same 5 digits.  I don't know what else to do.

  • Avatar
    Ting Help

    Hi James!  I would recommend calling your previous carrier to see if they can clear that for you (they'll want to verify you as the account holder).  If you need any help, please call, chat with us online, or send an email.

  • Avatar
    elizabeth jordan

    My wife elizabeth had her service drop out a week or so ago with virgin mobil plan. I went to the web site and added 10$ so she could have a few min until the end of the month. I had decided to change over to ting and didn't want to pay the normal 35$ plan with virgin at the start of the month. I had a friend give me a samsung victory and went to ting to do the byop plan. 

    i started the transfer process and it seemed to go fine until I found out that I needed my wifes account number from virgin which is different from her phone number (which she usually uses to sign in with) 

    Turns out virgin wants to sort of hide that number from the consumer and when you ask for it they try to put the heard sell on keeping virgin. After searching the internet I found a seemingly easy solution to by pass all that. It might work on several sites other than virgin.

    1.) sign into your account Right-click the page;

    2.) Select ‘Inspect Element’;

    3.) Click the ‘Resources’ tab;

    4.) Expand the ‘Cookies’ group;

    5.) Select ‘ ’, and;

    6.) Check the list that appears in the right pane for the Name ‘ban’. The nine digit number you see assigned in the Value column next to that Name is your account number.

    7.) Tell everyone you know that Virgin Mobile is aware of this issue and still chooses to make it unnecessarily difficult for their paying customers to obtain their account numbers.  

    I also went to the virgin mobil site and copied exactly my wife name and address and re tried it. 

    I found the actual account number and gave it to ting. However there still seems to be a problem. I went back to virgin and they are asking for 29$ to bring my balance to the 35$ we usually pay. I am wondering if this is the hold up. Do I just pony up the 29$ and complete the monthly? If that is what is necessary to make this work I will do it but it seems it's just money thrown away. Any ideas what might be holding up the account port? 

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    Call or email Ting support for this account-specific issue.

  • Avatar
    Ashley Roidl

    I can't seem to cancel my request to port a number!

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    Call Ting support now.

  • Avatar
    James Allison

    In my case it's Vonage and the error is regarding the zip code.  It turns out that Vonage has a secret zip code number assigned to the phone number that is not related to my mailing address or billing address or the area code of the number, nor anything I could possibly have known or figured out.  I could only resolve the problem by escalating the through their annoying outsourced to Timbuktu customer service process.  Smells like BS to me. Vonage just doesn't want to let your number go and will make it needlessly complicated in hopes you give up. Meanwhile, they have inferior service.

  • Avatar
    Felipe S

    Hey James, 

    Most times, Vonage will have their own corporate address listed as the customer's address for porting, so you would need to use that for moving the number out from them. If you want to give that a shot, you can update the address of your request to   23 Main St - Holmdel, NJ - 07733

    Also keep in mind that VOiP number ports are treated as landlines, so they usually take a full week to complete.

  • Avatar
    Dov schmidt

    Hi!!! I accidentally started porting my number to the WRONG device-- i need to fix this as soon as possible! I have been trying to reach the customer service line on the phone but no one has answered. How can I cancel a port??

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    Call, email, or chat with Ting support. Unfortunately, they cannot deal with account-specific issues in this public forum.

  • Avatar
    Kameron Crear

    Is it possible to cancel a current transfer? I wanna use a new number instead of my current one.

  • Avatar
    Brennan V

    Absolutely Kameron, we'll reach out to you privately to get your account details. We'll take care of you.

  • Avatar
    Kamie Holder

    Update my 911 address

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    You need to call or chat with Ting support for this account-specific request.
    I do not believe they track the 911 address, though.

  • Avatar
    Rob Herman

    Can you check to see if my Pin is now working I went to my orginial carrier and changed the PIN on their website to match what I submitted to you

  • Avatar
    Robert DeFrancesco

    Robert DeFrancesco

    I've attempted to update the missing/incorrect info, but get the following response after making the change: "Port request can not be modified"
    What really needs to be done to get this moving?

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