What Does Symmetrical Mean?

When you're talking about Internet connections, symmetrical is the word used to describe a connection that has the same upload and download speeds.

DSL and cable Internet connections, the most common ones available today, are not symmetrical. Download speeds are generally 10-50 times faster than upload speeds.

Ting gigabit Internet is both very fast and symmetrical so the download speeds and upload speeds are the same.

To see how this stacks up, the table below shows the difference in download and upload speeds for different types of Internet connections:

Download and upload speeds by connection type


Dial Up





56 Kbps

1-15 Mbps

1-50 Mbps

1 Gbps


56 Kbps

500 Kbps - 1 Mbps

1-5 Mbps

1 Gbps

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