Ting Internet isn't in my area. What now?

If Ting Internet isn't available in your area yet, we'll need your help to change that. We really want to get into every town that we possibly can because we believe that everyone should have access to super-fast Internet.

Here's what you can do to make it more likely that we make it to your community:

Sign up to bring Ting to your town

Every sign up helps, so if you think your community needs better options for Internet, make sure to let us know. Interest from residents is part of how we gauge where we should be looking to lay down fiber next. A critical mass makes it way more likely that we'll look there.

Let your community leaders know

In communities like Westminster, where our partner is the city (or town) government, community leaders need to be part of the solution. It helps a lot if they know that their residents are ready for the type of Internet that Ting offers to come to their community. So lobby your mayor, councilperson, or other municipal representatives. It helps.


We're only sort of kidding about that. Ting towns are lovely places to live in.

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