Residential Gateway (GigaCenter 844G) LED States and Status

Note:  The GigaCenter 844G residential gateway may be wall-mounted in your home. The image below shows the unit in the the table top mounting stand.


LED States and Status






Unit is receiving AC power.

Unit is not receiving AC power.

Unit is using battery power if a UPS is attached.


GREEN: The unit has successfully authenticated.
RED: The unit has failed authentication.

No authentication has been attempted.



Internet connection is established.

No Internet connection is being detected.

Internet signal detected, but unit is not connected.

Wi-Fi (2.4/5GHz)

Wi-Fi is enabled.

Wi-Fi is disabled.


ETHERNET (ports 1-4)

A device is connected to the port.

Either the unit is not receiving power or the port is not in use.

Internet signal detected, but unit is not connected.

PHONE (ports 1-2)

A phone port is in use.

No phone ports are in use.

Phone port activation is in progress.


A device is connected but the port is currently idle.

Either the unit is not receiving power, no cable is connected or no devices are connected to the port.

There is activity on the USB port.


GREEN: Detecting a WPS-enabled device and will remain on for three minutes or until the WPS button is pressed again.
RED: No WPS-enabled devices detected or another error has occurred; will time out after two minutes..

The device is not in WPS mode.

GREEN: The unit is connecting to a WPS-enabled device.
RED: A session overlap has occurred which can be a security risk. Wait two minutes and press the WPS button again to restart. If the error persists, refer to the PIN-based configuration method.

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