Westminster, MD

Ting has partnered with the City of Westminster to bring super fast Internet to residents and businesses with city limits. Unlike other towns (in which we're doing the construction ourselves), the city is the one laying the fiber and constructing the network in Westminster.

More information on their fiber network can be found here:

Westminster Experience Center

If you'd like to speak to our staff in person, you can stop by the Westminster Experience Center. Please note this is more for general questions or to test the speed in person. If you require technical support with your connection, call our support line 24/7 at 1-844-846-4994 

The hours are:
Wed 10am-4pm
Thurs 1pm-7pm
Fri 10am-4pm
Sat 9am-3pm

The location is:
15 E. Main Street, Suite 100

Ting Makerspace

To learn more about the Ting Makerspace in Westminster, head to the following link.

Construction or Build Inquiries

If you have questions about the zoning regions or the construction as a whole, please reach out to John Dick, Westminster's Deputy Director of Public Works. He can be reached at 410-848-9000 or by emailing jdick@westgov.com

Plan Options

Home fiber:

  • Home Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

  • Home 200/200
    200 Mbps upload, 200 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

  • Home 50/50
    50 Mbps upload, 50 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

 Business fiber:

  • Business Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

Which you can get (home or business gigabit) depends on the address zoning -- residential or commercial. There are no taxes on the monthly plan in Maryland. There is, however, sales tax on the one-time purchase of our wireless router, or on the monthly $9 rental fee.

Serviceability Status

The city completed the WM build in 4 distinct phases of construction. If you address is in Westminster but fall outside of city limits, the city will not be running fiber to your address.

Phase 1: this area is serviceable as of early 2017 (this includes the Pilot area)
Phase 2: this area is serviceable as of mid 2017
Phase 3: this area is serviceable as of mid 2018
Phase 4: this area is serviceable as of mid 2019

Westminster community news

If you live in Westminster and wish to check if Ting Internet is available at your location, head to ting.com/westminster and use the address checker in the middle of the page.


To contact us directly, please call 443-201-7207. We're open 24/7.

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