Charlottesville, VA

In 2014, Ting acquired ISP Blue Ridge InternetWorks and upgraded their existing fiber network to support symmetrical Gigabit speeds. We've been expanding the network ever since, and continue to grow.

If you live in Charlottesville and wish to check if Ting Internet is available at your location, head to and start typing your address into the checker. Pick your address from the auto-fill results suggested by Google.

Keep an eye on our Cville Blog for the latest information. You can filter by "Construction Updates" in the top right, which will show only the blog posts related to our construction efforts.

If we haven't quite gotten to your area yet, you'll get the option to place a $9 pre-order. See below for more info on that.

Plan Options

Home fiber:

  • Home Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

  • Ting 5/5
    5 Mbps upload, 5 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

 Business fiber:

  • Business Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

Which you can get (home or business gigabit) depends on the address zoning -- residential or commercial. There are no taxes on the monthly plan in Virginia. There is, however, sales tax on the one-time purchase of our wireless router, or on the monthly $9 rental fee.


Serviceability Status

Charlottesville's build is not as clearly defined as our other cities since we inherited a network and are building from it, rather than systematic building from scratch. This creates a situation where we cannot determine the serviceability of most neighborhoods as a whole, and instead encourage you to use our address checker to check the individual address

That being said, here are some general neighborhood guidelines:

Serviceable (but still confirm using our address checker)
- Redfields
- Fontana
- Cascadia
- Greenbrier
- Fry's Spring
- Johnson Village
- Belmont (East)
- Martha Jefferson
- Barracks/Rugby
- Locust Grove

Limited Capacity (Check Individual Address)
- North Downtown
- Fifeville
- Venable
- Jefferson Park Ave
- Woolen Mills
- Starr Hill
- 10th & Page

Current Overbuild in Progress / Planned Serviceability in 2021
- Belmont (West)


Pre-order Perks

Not only does pre-ordering show demand for Ting coming to your neighborhood, but you'll also get a sizable discount off of the installation costs.

The discount is:
$200 off if you go with our Gigabit plan (waiving the entire installation fee if a residential address, and cutting it in half if a commercial address)
$50 off if you go with our 5 by 5 plan.

To contact us directly, please call 434-227-5984. We're open 24/7.

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