Ting Mobile app FAQ


1. What can I do with the Ting app?

With the Ting app, you can do almost all of the things you can do on the web version of your account: check your current usage in near-real-time, view all devices on your account, enable features for each device, view your previous monthly statements, and set usage alerts. (Coming very soon we will have the ability to update payment method via the app!) 

2. How do I get the Ting app?

Just click the link below that applies to your device:

4. Which devices are supported?

We haven't tested with every device available, but the following devices should work with the app:

  • Android devices running 4.4 or later  
  • iOS devices running iOS 13.0 or later

5. I don't have an Android or iOS device; is there a Windows or feature phone version of the app coming?

Currently there are no plans for a Ting app for Windows or non-smart phones phones. If you would like to check usage, or make changes to your account, you can log in at ting.com/account/login on any computer or device that supports web browsing to manage your account.

6. How do I log into the Ting app?

When you first access the app, you'll be asked to login with either your Ting account credentials. If you're not the primary user of the account, you'll need to get those credentials from that person.

Once logged in you will have an option to set up a biometric login, for iPhone. This will include facial and fingerprint recognition. This feature will be coming to Android phones at a later time.

7. Why is the app asking for access to my contacts; is it secure?

The app uses your contacts to match phone numbers from your previous calls with names. The app does not send your contacts to Ting, and the contact information details are not used for any other purpose. All the data retrieved from the app is sent using a secured connection between it and the Ting servers.

8. Will usage from the app be counted toward my monthly bill?

That depends on whether you access the app while using data or Wi-Fi. If you use the app while you're on a data connection, then any data received by the app will be counted. However, since Wi-Fi usage is not counted toward your monthly usage, there are no additional usage charges to use the Ting app while connected to a Wi-Fi network.

9. Is the usage displayed by the app realtime?

Call usage is delayed by approximately 15-20 minutes. Calls made on roaming partners, or while traveling internationally could take longer to appear (in some cases, as much as 48 hours)

10. Why can't I see all my usage?

To keep mobile data usage down in the Ting app, it only presents the 20 most recent calls / text messages / data events. You can always see a full details of your usage in the web version of your account.

11. One of my devices is showing sideways. Is this normal?

In the Devices list, phones on your account appear vertically. Data devices appear horizontally.

12. When I choose "submit a request" I am prompted for an email address and password. Is this my Ting username and password?

Yes, this is your Ting email and password. For security reasons, we can't pass your email address and password from the app to the browser so you must sign in again in order to access the Ting help and support site.

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