Setting or Updating Caller ID on Your CDMA Device

Setting or updating your caller ID is easy, just follow the steps below for your CDMA device.

  1. Sign in to your Ting account and click Device settings. Click on the device for which you want to set or update the caller ID. You can only update caller ID on an active number.


  2. Click the edit icon next to the Caller ID field.


  3. You have a few options for your caller ID. The first is to use your device nickname as your Caller ID.


    The next is to use one of the pre-set options in the drop-down list.


    The last option is to set your own custom caller ID. When you select Custom from the drop-down list, a text field will appear to the right where you can enter your custom caller ID. Your caller ID can be no more than 15 characters including spaces and your caller ID can only include numbers and letters, no special characters like dashes or apostrophes


  4. Once you've selected what type of caller ID you want to use and entered any required information, click Save.


You're done! Your caller ID may take up to 7 days to start showing up when you call landlines.

If you've recently updated your caller ID, you won't be able to update it again for at least 6 hours.

You can also choose to block your caller ID entirely by simply enabling Block your caller ID in your Minutes settings from your account device settings. This change is immediate.



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