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FAQ: Swapping Numbers Between Devices


Last updated by Isabel M

Whether you're upgrading to a newer phone or replacing one that made an unfortunate swan dive into a sink full of water, it's easy to move numbers between devices on your account.


Do I need to call in to have a number swapped between phones?

Nope! You can do it from your account whenever it's convenient for you. And it's really easy. This step-by-step guide will walk you through how the process works.


Does swapping my number move the content of my phone to the new phone?

No. You'll need to transfer items from one phone to another. How you do this will depend on what kind of phone you have.


Do I need to deactivate my number before I swap it?

No. Your number needs to be active in order to move it from one device to another.


Do I still pay an active line fee for the phone that I moved the number from?

No. Once you move your number from one device to another, the original device becomes inactive so there won't be anymore line fees associated with that device. The line fee moves with the number.


What if I'm swapping a number from an iPhone?

If your number is currently on an iPhone and will remain on an iPhone, you do not need to disable iMessaging.

If you're moving your number from an iPhone to an Android, Windows or feature phone, you'll want to disable iMessaging first.


What if I want to swap numbers between two active phones?

That requires a little more work behind-the-scenes. You'll need to get in touch with us so we can help you out with that.


Is there anything I need to do on my phone after swapping the number?

In most cases, shutting down the old phone and restarting the new one will get everything up and running. If the receiving phone has had a number on it before you may need to run a carrier reset after the swap.


Great! What next?

If you want to go over the steps one more time, click here. Or just head over to your account and get started!

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  • Avatar
    Jason Clements

    Please note that even if you have two active phones and numbers on Ting, you will be required to flash your phones back to custom ROMs again before Ting can swap the phone numbers. This was after flashing them to custom ROMs to bring the device to Ting. It would have saved me a considerable amount of time and effort if this requirement was documented.

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    Don't you mean "flash back to stock ROMs" ? I have never heard of Ting requiring custom ROMs. Most custom ROMs do not support dialer codes, Profile updates, or PRL updates.

  • Avatar
    Jason Clements

    Correct, back to stock ROMs, not custom ROM.

  • Avatar

    still, it doesn't tell me how to move a number to a new phone.

    faye kane girl brain

  • Avatar
    Catherine Lynch

    Click on the step by step guide referenced at the end of the article.

  • Avatar
    Brian Smith

    What about moving from a CDMA device to a GSM device? Will the new sim card accept the old number, or will I have get a new number?

  • Avatar
    Bruce Osborne

    You can definitely swap. The swap is done primarily at the network level by the partner, so swapping from CDMA to GSM is like moving from Sprint to T-Mobile.

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