Setting your primary contact number

You can designate one of your Ting phones as your Primary contact number. This is helpful during your support calls or chats if you don't remember your email to be verified on Ting through your interaction, as you can request a one-time callback to a Primary number on your Ting account.

To change the Primary contact number, head over to your Account Settings. You'll see a Primary contact field as well as an Alternate contact field. The number listed as your Alternate contact is the number you would have given us when you signed up before you had any numbers with Ting.

To begin updating click the Edit icon (pencil) at the top right of the Details section of your account settings.

Use the drop down to select one of your Ting phones to be your primary contact. Don't forget to save your changes. You can update your Primary contact to another device on your Ting account anytime. 


Note: Once you have an active phone with Ting, you'll be required to set a primary contact whenever you make changes to the Details section of your account settings.

If you still have trouble setting your primary contact number, get in touch and we'd be happy to assist you.

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