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FAQ: monthly billing


Last updated by Allan B

1. How can I pay my Ting bill?

Bill payment with Ting is monthly and entirely automated. You just make sure you have a valid Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover card on file and we will take it from there. You can also use Amazon Payments to pay your monthly bill.

Your payment will be processed every month within a few days of your billing date.

Of course, you can always look at your current usage, your latest bill, and your past bills.

2. What kinds of payments are accepted?

Ting accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover or you can use Amazon Payments.

3. How is my billing date determined?

If your first service with Ting is mobile service, your billing date is set when your first device is activated. If you're porting a number, then your billing cycle begins on the day that your port completes.

For example, if you are activated on the 13th of a month, your pay period will always be from the 13th to the 12th. All subsequent devices added to your account will join that same pay period regardless of when they are activated.

If your first service with Ting is Internet service, your billing date is set for the day after your installation.

If you already have mobile or Internet service and you add another service, your new service will have the same billing date as the first one that you set up.

4. Can I change my Billing date?

Yes. Please reach out to us via phone, email, or chat and we'd be happy to help change your billing date. 

5. Is Ting service prepaid or postpaid?

Ting Internet service is prepaid while mobile service is postpaid. However, all services will appear on one bill and the only time that you'll notice a difference is if you add Internet service to an existing mobile account on a date that is not your billing date.

For example:

Existing mobile customer with a billing date 15th of the month adds Internet service 5th of the month.

  • Billed on the 5th:  Installation fee and prorated bill to cover Internet service until the 15th
  • Billed on the 15th:  Internet service for the next billing cycle and mobile service for the billing cycle just ended

6. When and where will I get my bill?

Ting bills are exclusively online. (That is the sort of cost saving that allows us to offer the rates we do.)

  • You can view your running mobile usage any time throughout the month on the Your account (Dashboard) page.
  • You can view past bills at any time on the Billing history page.
  • You can sort the Billing history page by Monthly usage (or bills), Payments, Purchases, Refunds/credits or Other.

We will send you an e-mail like the example below once your bill has been charged to the payment method you have on file.


7. When will my credit card be charged?

You'll be charged 2-5 days after the end of your billing cycle. We'll send you a confirmation e-mail once your bill has been charged to the payment method you have on file.

8. How do I read my bill?

Our goal was to make our bill so easy to read that we don't actually have to answer the question "How do I read my bill?." Check it out by clicking one of the bills in the Billing history section and let us know.

The mobile section of your bill will include:

  • Your mobile usage for the last month (mobile billing is postpaid).
  • Surcharges for international calls, directory assistance or anything that falls outside of the standard, billable usage.
  • Your monthly active line fee (this applies to each number activated during your billing period as explained here).
  • Taxes and regulatory fees.

When reading the bill keep in mind we have grace amounts in place to account for usage that is just over a threshold. We have put in a 5% buffer between mobile rate buckets to give you a bit of wiggle room, this applies to the S, M and L buckets for minutes, messages, and megabytes.  We also give all mobile customers 20MB of grace in their first month and 1MB every month thereafter to cover network refreshes (Once you go over the 20MB/1MB thresholds however, you're billed normally for all of your data usage for that cycle including that 20MB or 1MB.) 

The Internet section of your bill will include:

  • Your bill for the upcoming billing cycle (Internet billing is prepaid).
  • Taxes, if applicable. Very few states levy taxes on Internet usage so it's likely that you won't see any taxes on your bill unless you have mobile service with Ting.

There are links so you can see as much or as little detail (e.g. lists of phone calls) as you need.

Just in case, for a more detailed explanation of what you'll see on your bill, check out this article about a typical bill.

9. Am I billed for my communications (Minutes/Messages) with Ting?

No, if you're calling from your Ting device, calls to our 1-855 number are not billed.  You will see the call reflected in your usage detail on your monthly bill, but those calls are not charged.  If you are roaming internationally when you call Ting, you will incur roaming charges, but the call will not count against your minutes.


SMS alerts from Ting will also show as free in usage.


10. Can I use a mobile credit towards my Internet service and vice versa?

Yes. Credits are credits no matter which way they end up on your account. For example, if you have a credit from your mobile service on your account and your next transaction is an Internet installation, that credit will be put towards your installation.

Promotions, however, are not interchangeable. Mobile promotions cannot be used towards Internet installations and Internet promotions cannot be used towards the purchase of mobile devices.

11. How do I print my bill?

You can print your bill directly from the website.

  1. First, locate the bill you wish to print by visiting Billing history (the shortcut URL is
  2. Find the bill you wish to print and click on it and click on the PDF to the right of the line item.
  3. Open or save the PDF file and print it.

12. Will you mail my bill to me?

Ting service is entirely online so we do not send bills out by mail. You can print a PDF version of your bill from the Billing history section of your account online (see previous question).

13. What fees or taxes will I have to pay with Ting?

We are obligated to collect various taxes and regulatory fees on behalf of federal, state and local governments. It varies depending on where you live and it can change from time to time. When you receive your bill, you'll get an itemized account of all of these fees and taxes. Mouse over anything in that itemized list for an explanation of that tax or fee. We don't add any "recovery fees" or hide anything that isn't truly required in this charge.

Most states do not levy taxes on Internet service you are unlikely to see any taxes on your bill (apart from a few cents on your installation) unless you also have mobile service with us.

For more detailed information about mobile taxes and fees, click here.

14. How do I suspend / un-suspend my mobile service?

If you want to temporarily suspend your mobile service, you can do so from your Device settings:

  1. Click on the device you want to work with
  2. Click the edit icon (pencil) next to Status in the Device details
  3. Choose Suspend this device from the dropdown

Keep in mind that you will still be charged the monthly $6 active line fee to keep from losing your number. You will not be able to make or receive calls, send or receive texts or use data while the line is suspended.

Click here for more information on suspending or deactivating service for a device.

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  • Avatar
    Lynn Hunt

    I don't understand the data portion of the sample bill. It says that a usage of 0.49 MBs bumps the account holder into the M Megabytes plan. But according to the ting website, the M Megabytes plan allows for 500 - 999 MBs. Can someone clarify this?

  • Avatar
    Michael Sweeney

    Yes, I had the same question...

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    You found a bug! It looks like the issue is related to how we presented the usage. In this case we probably put the decimal in the wrong place (that screenshot was taken while we were in beta).

    Thanks for pointing it out... we'll get it fixed up asap!


  • Avatar
    J M Barrett

    I get that the billing is paperless and automated etc. But isn't there some way to get a copy emailed to me each month as it happens? Or at the very least trigger an email alert saying that my bill is ready to view online and that my credit card has been charged? I suppose I could set my own reminder somewhere but it would be very helpful if you could make your billing process slightly more "vocal". If that option already exists I have not found it.

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hi J,

    It's definitely a feature we want to add. I can't say it's coming soon (ie within 2 months), but it's on the backlog of features we know we need.

    Thanks for the suggestion!


  • Avatar
    Nick Brawne

    In the past I have found that regulatory charges can be a large portion of my bill. For example in San Francisco I use for Voice+Internet, they charge $40 per month, but taxes are an additional $12.50. If I drop the voice option they also drop the taxes. If I buy a mobile hotspot from Ting which is incapable of making voice calls are there still taxes / regulatory fees ?

    If there are there are regulatory fees is there anyway of knowing what they will be before I buy the device and service?

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hey Nick, that's a good question.

    I believe we charge tax on the usage portion of your bill differently from other fees. So if there's no voice usage, there shouldn't be any taxes related to that. But I'm going to ask an expert and get back to you with a definitive answer.



  • Avatar
    Brett Moore

    I need to know what my Taxes and Regulatory fees would be (for given usage) before I will make the switch.  For instance, what would the values be -- for me living in St. Peters, MO, 63376 -- if my voice usage was Medium (say 450 minutes), my text usage was Medium (300 texts), my data usage was Large (900MB), and I had two lines?  Your website says my plan would be: $50 a month + surcharges.  Since I do no international calling or directory assistance, I only need to know what Taxes and Regulatory fees would be.  Thanks...


  • Avatar
    Tia Way

    I am interested in being able to export my billing details to a CSV, XLS format. Is this possible? I currently have three lines on the account. Eventually, if things go well, there will be significantly more lines on this account. I would like to be able to filter, analyze usage, etc., offline. Is this a possibility?

    Please advise me.



  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hi Fred,

    Having the ability to export your usage details is definitely something we want to offer. In fact, that feature is currently on our development backlog (where we keep upcoming projects we want to tackle). I can't give you an exact timeframe Fred but I'd be surprised if it wasn't something we tackled within the next few months.


  • Avatar
    Deniece Sprinkle

    I have a yet unasked question. I live between Nashville, TN and Las Vegas, NV. My current cell phone number is a Las Vegas number, which I have had 10 years and need to maintain. I understand I need to port the number while I am in LV. Currently the only credit card I use is American Express, which my current ATT account is tied to for auto billing and this is what I would want my TING account automatically paid from. I need to know if there will be an issue because the phone will have a LV address, but the AMEX card billing address is Nashville. I need to maintain that billing address, but do not want a Nashville phone number as I have family in LV with no cell phones and they would incur long distance charges.   Thanks. 

  • Avatar
    Daniel Mulkey

    Haven't found an answer to this, but I haven't looked too thoroughly. My bill had a "Prorated charge for a device activated since your last bill", but I thought you guys absorbed activation fees into the price of the phone. Also, there already exists a charge for both phones being on the line, so I'm confused as to where this came from. Also, is your crediting and extra payment for using more or fewer minutes, messages, and MBs on a tiered basis with your plans, or is it on a per-minute/-message/-MB basis? For e.g. do I pay for L messages when I use 1100 and don't get credited if I only use 900 of L minutes as compared to of only paying a little extra for 1100 messages and get credited for only using 900 minutes?

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hey Deniece, 

    Shouldn't be a problem, but if you have any issues activating/purchasing a device, give us a call and we'll make sure we get you hooked up.

  • Avatar
    Ben Lucier

    Hey Daniel,

    You're correct, we no longer have any activation charges... the $6 fee is a per device fee billed monthly. Since our plans allow for zero usage, and we have back-end costs for each activated phone on the network, this fee makes sure we cover those costs.

    Regarding your specific bill, we don't discuss customer bills publicly, so you should give us a call and we'll be happy to explain it to you.



  • Avatar
    Jeremy Rampton


    You're doing quite a job rolling out Ting.  This is really amazing.  I had a quick question about family billing.  If you have multiple phone lines on a bill, is there a way to break down each phone line as far as phone minutes, texts, and data used for the past month?  That would be very useful for my family just to track usage, etc.  Also another side question.  I was curious why additional time got cheaper with the larger levels of usage, and then got more expensive when outside of the standard tiers?  It seems like the more usage, the larger the discount?  Thanks Ben.  Your team is doing an awesome job, and I am impressed with what you are offering!

  • Avatar
    Frank Wilder


    I have been going to the details page, coping and pasting into MS Excel and filtering there to get the details.

    I am also working on a python app that will :

     - grab details everyday

    • split the details into individual list by user

    • send the list to the person via an email

    I am hoping to convert it into an Android app later on.  I am planning to share it when it is done. 

  • Avatar
    Stu Manis

    It would be helpful if Ting would give customers a detailed breakdown of the fees that comprise the "Federal, state and local taxes and regulatory fees we are required to collect" portion of the billing statement rather than just listing each amount separately. That is to say, the amount of usage which is taxed, times the specific tax rate, which in turn then equals the amount charged. (Rather than just the charge, itself.)  Seems that this would be an easy thing to do, and we would all get better understand of what each of the taxes are, and to which entity they are going.  It would put real details in your "details" section.  Complete openness is almost always the best path to persue.  It would be great if Ting took the lead on this.

  • Avatar
    Dewey Garrett

    Any plans for accepting Discover Card?  Since I use it for everything else, it  will  be a nuisance to use another card just for ting.

  • Avatar
    Ik Kang

    On my usage record, I found duplication of same time from and to same phone numbers.

    Please refer to attachment.

    Can you explain what? and why? 

  • Avatar
    Stu Manis

    Why not REALLY be transparent by making the "details" section of the taxes and regulatory fees on the bill detailed?  Please show us the taxing entity and their tax rate times the amount billed --- not just the total of that particular fee.  That way, we could truly see what the "details" are.  This would make you a leader in your field.  Think about it.

  • Avatar
    Aaron Corsi

    I agree with Stu, I think it would be really great and totally in the spirit of Ting to let you see all of the taxes and fees itemized. It's not that important, but it's just another one of those little things that separates a sensible company like Ting from other companies that you might suspect are trying to hide something from you.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    That's an interesting idea Stu. We'll definitely take it into consideration.



  • Avatar
    Al Wang

    can Ting make a tax fee calculator like the plan calculator, making it simple and easy to understand?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Hey Al,

    That's a question that has been brought up a couple times in the past and we have considered it, but it is a good idea so we'll definitely have to re-evaluate it again.



  • Avatar
    Mark Lundgren

    Sorry if this is answered elsewhere, but I can't find it and I'm apparently not bright enough to figure it out. I put my initial plan purchase up a bit higher than I would normally use (figuring I would use more in trying out and learning the phone). And it ended up being a LOT higher than I used. So, will I get billed at the same plan price I started with and then be credited for my unused portions? Or is there a way to simply lower my plan for the next month? And when would I do that?

    (On another topic, since Ting is my carrier, do I need to worry about any of the Sprint notifications that come up from time to time on my phone about roaming data charges?) Thanks, Mark

  • Avatar
    Mike Beeson

    If you paid more than you used, you will get a credit the next month.  Why not select XS in each category?     Then you won't overpay.

  • Avatar
    K Estes

    By looking at the bill posted in this forum, do I get to pay $12 extra along with taxes for each device plus the costs of the selected plans?  I see $6 for each device and another $6 for Line Fee Charge which adds up to $12.  I'm trying to picture myself what the monthly bill would be.

  • Avatar
    Mike Beeson

    I would disregard those examples. They were from Jan.  For example Ting no longer has activation charges and I think those $6.00 charges show to be "adjustments".  


    I would just go to "Plans" and put in your estimated usage. Use some of your old bills, including ALL your minutes (including "free" minutes). Then click on how many devices ($6.00 each)  There are no other charges besides your taxes.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Costen

    Yes, you'll remain on the plan you selected, but you can adjust the plan you selected by clicking on Plans within your Ting Dashboard.

    Don't worry about the roaming data charges notifications (you can disable them if you want) since there is no data roaming anyway. As long as you're in the US of course.

  • Avatar
    ryan armstrong

    Didn't use the phone much the first month so my usage was way under in each category, but I do not see any credits in the billing section for the upcoming month. Am I missing something?