Billing issues

What do I do if my bill looks wrong?

We hope you will have very few issues and questions about your bill since you can easily track your usage throughout the month and we won't surprise you with any hidden fees or unexpected penalties. But if there is anything at all on your bill that is unclear to you or does not seem right, please get in touch with us. We will walk through it with you and happily correct any mistakes.

What is the 5% buffer?

We have put in a 5% buffer between mobile rate buckets to give you a bit of wiggle room. So for example, the Small bucket for minutes goes to 100 minutes. The buffer means that you don't go into the Medium bucket as soon as you hit 101 minutes--you've got 105 minutes. This applies to the S, M and L buckets for minutes and messages.

For data, the 5% buffer applies to both the M and L buckets. For the XL and XL+ buckets, there is a flat 52 MB buffer.

Does the 5% buffer apply to the XS or zero bucket?

No. If you've used any minutes, sent or received text messages or used data, then you'll be billed at the small rate ($3). At the other end of the spectrum, this doesn't apply to the XL bucket either because there isn't another rate bucket after it (except, of course, for data. See above).

What is data grace?

We give all mobile customers 20MB of grace in their first month and 1MB every month thereafter to cover network refreshes.

If you've used 1MB or less during a month, you'll see an estimated $3 charge on your Dashboard for data, but as long as you don't exceed 1MB of usage, then you won't be billed for data at all on your monthly usage bill.

Once you go over the 20MB/1MB thresholds however, you're billed normally for all of your data usage for that cycle including that 20MB or 1MB.

Am I billed for my communications (Minutes/Messages) with Ting?

No, if you're calling from your Ting device, calls to our 1-855 number are not billed.  You will see the call reflected in your usage detail on your monthly bill, but those calls are not charged.  If you are roaming internationally when you call Ting, you will incur roaming charges, but the call will not count against your minutes.


SMS alerts from Ting will also show as free in usage.


There are more line fees on my bill than mobile devices on my account?

You will be billed a $6 Active Line Fee for each number that's activated on your account for all or part of your billing period. Numbers activated after your billing cycle has already begun will be prorated, but numbers deactivated mid-cycle are billed at the full fee for the month.

Deactivating and re-activating the same device multiple times in a given billing cycle may subject your account to multiple Active Line Fees for that one device.

How will I know my bill has been paid?

Your monthly usage and your payment will show up as two separate line items in your Billing history. If you have any credits those will show up separately as well and we'll use your credits before billing your card.

What happens if you are unable to charge my credit card?

You'll receive an email notification and a text message if your payment does not go through. The email will be sent to the email address on your Ting account and the text message would be sent to the primary Ting number set up on your account. If your account does not have a primary number set up, the text message will be sent to the phone number that has been active the longest. 

The text message will not count towards your message usage and will show up in your usage from the number 517-200-9283.

When you receive these notifications, you won't immediately lose your subscription. We’ll keep trying to take the payment over the next few days. You can update or change your payment details at any time on in your control panel by signing into your Ting account, by selecting the Billing section under your Account settings.

My credit card was charged before the end of my billing cycle--why?

There are two problems we are trying to solve. First, we have had good customers surprised to discover they were using (and spending) more than they realized. Second, we have had some not-so-good customers use our service and then disappear before paying. To protect us from both, we have set up a system that identifies unusual usage patterns. If you seem to be using an unusual amount of service, we will send you a little warning email and then bill you for your usage so far in that month.

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