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Understanding Your Ting Bill


Last updated by Isabel M

We happen to think our billing is so simple that it doesn't require explanation, but showing off just how transparent it is gives us a chance to brag, so we'll take it. This article will walk you through how to view your bill, what's on that bill and how to drill down for more details.

Viewing Your Bill

As you might have already guessed, your monthly bills are located in the Billing history section of your account.

To see your usage for a given period, just click on the Bill - monthly usage link. Each one covers a 30-day billing cycle.

Bill payments are split out as a separate line item in your Billing history and those are generally charged to your credit card 2-5 days after your bill closes.

Your billing date is set when your first device or service is activated. If you're porting a number to your first activated device, then your billing cycle begins on the day that your port completes. For example, if you activated on the 11th of a month, your pay period will always be from the 11th to the 10th. All subsequent devices added to your account will join that same pay period regardless of when they are activated.

Viewing Your Bill



The Breakdown

Let's break down the different parts of your bill:

The Breakdown



1.Usage period - mobile

This is the date range for which you're being billed for your mobile service. If you only have Internet services with Ting, this section won't appear on your bill. Your credit card is charged 2-5 days after your usage period ends.

2. PDF

Click on the pdf icon to download a copy of a what's displayed on this page.

3. Usage details

Clicking on the link in the Details column of the Usage section will show you a full breakdown of your usage for the billing period for either minutes, messages or megabytes. Click the arrow in the CSV column to export your details into a spreadsheet program so you can parse your bills as much as you like.

The Pre-Paid column only appears if you have Internet services with Ting as well and it just shows that all mobile services start at extra small (XS) or zero. If you only have Internet services with Ting, this entire section won't appear on your bill at all.

4. Devices (active line fees)

Clicking the information in the Details column here will show you which activated lines you're being billed for. This breakdown can be especially useful when you activate devices after your billing cycle begins and you want to see the prorated charge. Lines activated after your billing cycle begins are prorated but lines deactivated part way through a billing cycle still incur the full monthly active line fee.

This fee applies to all activated lines or numbers, so deactivating and re-activating the same device multiple times in a given billing cycle may subject your account to multiple active line fees for that one device.

If you only have Internet services with Ting, this section won't appear on your bill.

5. Pre-paid Plans (Internet)

This section shows your monthly Internet billing. Since Ting Internet is unlimited, this amount should not change unless you change your plan in some way.

If you only have mobile services with Ting, this section won't appear on your bill.

6. Taxes & Regulatory Fees

Click the Federal, state and local taxes and regulatory fees that we are required to collect link to see an itemized list. Mouse over any of the items in the list for an explanation of that particular tax or fee.

7. Total

This grand total of your billed usage.



Your credit card will be billed 2-5 days after your monthly bill appears on your account. That's the Payment line item in the Billing history section of your account. Here's what one of your payment details will look like.

If you had any credits that were issued prior to when your bill closed, they will appear as separate line items and the difference that was billed to your card will show up here. If you paid using Amazon Payments then that will be indicated here and no credit card information will show up.




If you had enough credit to cover your bill, there simply won't be a Payment line item for that month.

As you can see here, the $35 credit from October 26th covered some of the usage on the that month's bill. The difference, or what you'll pay for that month, is shown as a separate Payment line item and billed to the credit card on file.

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  • Avatar
    Margaret Stark

    How can I find out the numbers and the times that my daughter is using her phone?  I got this level of deail with my Verizon phone bill, but this one page bill doesn't give any detail at all.  I would like access to that information please.

  • Avatar
    Jon M

    Margaret - For the current month, log into your account at  and select "current usage".  Click on the line you care about beneath the "Minutes" heading.  That brings up the list of all minutes used by that line with time, duration and number.  You can also get this information for prior months by going through the "Billing history" screen.

  • Avatar
    Luisa Trinidad

    Is there any way to pay for some of the bill and then pay whatever is left when it is due? Or how can I add credit to my account?

  • Avatar
    Susan M Kliebert

    Why charge 6.00 dollars when you already bought the phone from Ting? Is it yo activate the phone or for the sim?

  • Avatar
    Susan M Kliebert

    Is the 6.00 charge a one time fee or is it charged every month?

  • Avatar
    Jon M

    The $6 charge is every month. It is what they charge to maintain your number. It has nothing to do with the cost of the phone.

  • Avatar
    Sydney Holtforth

    is there any way i can force my bill to charge me 6 days early? im having all sorts of problems with it connecting to wifi and the data cap has shut me off. im trying to fix the wifi problem, then my data is also screwing me. can i force my bill early to get everything running again?

  • Avatar
    Nancy Bailey

    What do xs and s mean!

  • Avatar
    Jon M

    XS and S are just names given to the Extra Small and Small rate buckets. If you use 0 minutes in a month, you fall in the XS bucket and will be charged $0 for minutes that month. If you use 20 minutes, you'll fall in the S bucket and be charged $3 for minutes that month. The same thing happens for messages and megabytes of data.

    Note that this blog post is from a year ago and is a bit out of date. They've simplified their billing by eliminating the concept of "pre-paid". They now just charge you at the end of your month for whatever buckets you've used that month.

  • Avatar
    Bryce Nesbitt

    How can I tell the exact end of the billing cycle? When the app says "Bill closes on Dec 5th" does it mean at the start of day? End of day? Is that always in the billing time zone?

  • Avatar
    Kim D

    Hey Bryce,
    If it says Bill Closes Dec 5th, it will close at the end of the day, your timezone.

  • Avatar
    Juliana Miller

    why do I have 0.2 usage of data when my data is turned off?

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant


    Even with data turned off, the phone uses data to "ping" the tower, tell it that everything is okay and it's ready for phone calls. Simple stuff like that. This is technically data and it's something our network provider charges us for.

    That said, we understand this is a silly cost to pass on to you, which is why it's an open secret that we give every Ting customer 1 free megabyte of data every month just for stuff like this. You'll notice you weren't charged for that 0.2 megabytes of data.

    I would go a step further and make sure that data is turned off in your Ting dashboard or Ting app, and not just the mobile data switch on your phone.

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