How to set up Ting account usage alerts

While this feature are no longer available for new service, you can set up usage alerts if you are using our pay-per-use rates. If you are thinking about signing up with Ting or are already using Ting Mobile's new plans, you can track your monthly data usage and set up alerts in your device settings.

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    • You may need to look up exact steps for your device

For those that are using our pay-per-use rates the usage alerts can be found in the usage alert tab. Here we give you the tools you need to create hard caps and alerts to keep you aware of where you stand for your minutes, messages and megabytes usage. 

An alert is a notification sent out via text, email or the Ting app when you hit a pre-determined level of usage of minutes, messages or megabytes. The selected service will not be disabled. Setting up a cap will disable the selected service when the level of usage has been reached.

When you activate your first device we automatically set a couple of alerts for you to help you track your usage. We'll send you an email at the address you have on file with us when you hit 950 minutes and 950 megabytes for the whole account, just to give you a heads up.

Data Cap Notice!

If you are using our V1 SIM card, setting up a cap to disable data after using a certain amount of MB will not work. We do not have the ability to disable data when using this SIM card type. Please make sure to set up another means of notification (text, app notice, email) so that you can disable data on your physical device when you have reached your specified amount.

You can edit all the alerts and caps under your usage alert tab and re-enable your features in your device settings tab at any time.

To set up an alert or cap, all you will need to do is follow the steps below.

1. Add an alert or cap

Click on the 'Add an alert' button at the top right of your usage alert page.


2. Select what will be affected

Select 'My account' or a specific line on your account from the drop-down menu. The selected line or your entire account will be affected when the cap or alert is triggered


3. Select a service  

Select megabytes (data), messages or minutes. This will be the specific service that our system will track the usage of.


4. Choose the level of usage

When setting the usage level of an alert or cap, you want to allow for some wiggle room since our system isn't calculated in real time. Alerts and hard caps for minutes don't go into effect until you've finished the call you're on. If your device is in the middle of a data session or a process that uses data (i.e. downloading a file, watching a continuous playlist of videos or an app running in the background) that process will need to complete before an alert is sent or hard cap kicks in.

For example, if you want to be alerted when you hit 200MB, it's ideal to set that alert for around 180MB. This takes into account the time it takes for the data information to be sent back to us so we can send the alert to you.


5. What do you want to do?

If you choose for this to be an alert, select how you would like to be notified. If this is a cap, select Disable.


6A. Create an alert

Input the email or phone number you would like to receive the alert to, click save


6B. Create a hard cap

Select the service you want disabled when your account or line hits the usage level


7. Choose your reset/until option

Decide if you want to have the service shut off until you choose to re-enable it under your device settings tab, or have it reset on its own when your billing cycle restarts and click save.


But why not both?

By clicking on the +Add another "Do this to" option you can create an alert and a hard cap, so you will be notified when your selected service is being suspended.


You can set as many caps and alerts as you like on your account for each line as well as for the full account.

Want to turn your features back on?

You can re-enable your services at any time, even if you've set a service to be disabled until the end of your billing cycle. If you've disabled a service across the whole account, you'll need to re-enable it for each device individually.

To re-enable a feature go to your Device settings tab and select the line being affected by clicking on the nickname or the blue pencil under edit.

You will then see the list of your services. Click on the blue pencil above minutes, messaging or megabytes and you can toggle the disabled service back on and click save.


Important note: Your Ting dashboard isn't kept in real time. Usage information can take up to 48 hours to be updated. This has been seen with data and voice/text when roaming. 

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