Signing up for Internet with an existing Ting account

If you already have mobile service with Ting, then you can add Internet to your existing account. Follow the steps below.

If you still need to set up an account, we can help you set up your account.

  1. Go to and select your city.
  2. On your city's page, click Check your address.
  3. Enter your full address and click Check your address.
  4. You will be offered options based on your address type (residential or commercial). Make your selections and click Order.
  5. Click Sign in instead.
  6. Sign in to your existing Ting account.
  7. Click the pencil icon to make changes to your billing information or Continue if it's correct.
  8. Check your order details. Click any of the pencil icons to make changes or click Confirm if everything is correct.
    Note: The one-time fees will incur a small amount of tax.
  9. Our team will be in touch with you in the next 72 hours to schedule your installation.

If service isn't available at your address yet

If we don't have service available at your address quite yet, you will be able to pre-order.  Pre-ordering follows the same process as above, except that a $9 non-refundable deposit will be the only charge to your credit card.  The address checker will show you the following, with the same options you would have when ordering.

Proceed through the process as above.  We will be in touch when fiber is coming to your neighborhood.

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