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Activating a GSM Ting Device with a New Number

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So you ordered a new GSM phone from the Ting shop and are ready to activate a new number to use with it. Awesome! The steps below will help you activate your Ting SIM card and use it with your phone, once active you can move that SIM to any unlocked and compatible GSM phone.


  1. Go to and click Activate 


  2. Sign into your Ting account by entering your email and password and clicking Sign in, or select Create one to begin creating your new Ting account if needed.


  3. Select your GSM SIM from the devices listed by clicking Select. If you have more than one inactive GSM SIM, choose the SIM you wish to activate by selecting the correct SIM number/ICCID.


    This number can be found on the back of the card the SIM was removed from. You will also need it f not activating a SIM that came with your phone. If needed, select Add a device and enter your SIM card number (ICCID).


  4. Click on Select under Activate a Brand new number and enter the address you will mainly be using the phone around. We will use this address to assign you a local number and area code.

  5. Confirm the address is correct and click Yes, continue.


  6. If more than one area code is available for your area, choose one from the drop-down provided and click Continue. The system will place priority on this area code for you if it is available.


  7. View or edit your form of payment here for existing accounts. If continuing with the same method of payment skip ahead to #8, if editing the existing info click Edit.

    If making a new account, or you are changing the method of payment, you will be prompted now to add/edit your form of payment. Select from the accepted cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover) or Pay with Amazon, enter your information, and click Continue


  8. Have a look at the summary of the information entered so far, take a look at the Terms of Service and agree to them, and then click Continue.


Insert your SIM card into your device now if you have not yet. Next, follow the steps on this page to complete your activation and get your device working on the network. You can also find your device on the Ting device guide for activation help

When you've gotten your phone working and clicked on the green it worked button, your new (totally random) phone number will be displayed!

We'll also let you know when your billing cycle begins. If you've activated devices before, your billing cycle will be the same for all of them and is set by the first device you activated. You can change your billing date if needed, get in touch for help with that.

To begin with, only your SIM card will show up in your active device list in your Ting account device settings. In most cases, within an hour of activation, the GSM device you've installed the SIM card in will show up in your Active devices list and the SIM card number will be listed as its ICCID.

You can also manually try to update that by refreshing from your account. Select your now active SIM in your Ting account from device settings. Once you have selected the device, we can then click on the refresh icon in details that will appear just next to the device. This tells our system to try and detect the current IMEI, which would then update the device on your account.


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