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Activating a GSM Ting Device with a New Number


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Now that the new or refurbished GSM device that you ordered from Ting has arrived, you probably want to get it activated as soon as you can. The following steps will show you how to activate a new (or refurbished) Ting phone with a brand new number.


1. Go to and click Sign up / Sign in.


2. Sign into your Ting account using your Ting, Amazon or Persona login information.


3. Go to Device settings.


4. Scroll to your Inactive devices and click activate next to the GSM SIM card that you want to activate. You will not see your inactive GSM device here--don't worry!

If your inactive GSM SIM is not listed, you can add it by clicking on ADD DEVICE and then inputting the SIM card number/ICCID which is listed on the back of the card the SIM comes in and also on the SIM itself - Do not include the F at the end - Once added you can then activate the SIM.



5. Choose "Activate a brand new number", confirm or edit your service address and click Continue.


6. Verify your address and then click Yes, continue. This may take some time; be patient.


7. If more than one area code is available for your area, choose one that corresponds with the city you've entered from the drop-down and click Continue.


8. Confirm or edit your billing information and click Continue.


9. Check all your details one more time, take a look at the Terms of Service and agree to them and then click Continue.


10. Insert your SIM card into your Ting device now. Then follow the steps on this page to complete your activation and get your device working on the network.

If the steps don't work, click on the red No luck button to see more troubleshooting steps. If it does work click on the green It worked button.


11. When you've gotten your phone working and clicked on the green It worked button, your new (totally random) phone number will be displayed!

We'll also let you know when your billing cycle begins. If you've activated devices before, your billing cycle will be the same for all of them and is set by the first device you activated.


To begin with only your GSM SIM card will show up in your Active device list in your account Device settings.


In most cases, within an hour of activation your GSM device will show up in your Active devices list and the SIM card number will be listed as its ICCID.

If the device name doesn't show up, you can always edit the device nickname instead.

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