Ting began construction of its fiber network in Holly Springs in 2016. We are building the fiber network in phases, based on pre-order demand figures. If your address is not in the area we've built to or announced (see below), then we have no ETA to offer at this time. Anything outside of that a "wait and see" situation. Pre-order if you haven't already done so (if applicable) and keep an eye on our Holly Springs Blog for the latest information. There is a section on the right-hand column entitled "Construction updates" which will show only the blog posts related to our construction efforts.

Plan Options

Home fiber:

  • Home Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

  • Ting 5/5
    5 Mbps upload, 5 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

 Business fiber:

  • Business Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

Which you can get (home or business gigabit) depends on the address zoning -- residential or commercial. There are no taxes on the monthly plan in North Carolina. There is, however, sales tax on the one-time purchase of our wireless router, or on the monthly $9 rental fee.

Serviceability Status

As of March 2019: Phases 1 through 4 are live, Phase 5 is in construction and partially live, and we've begun installs in the Wildwood section of Phase 6. Please refer to the map below for more info.

Phase 1:
- Holly Glen
- Braxton Village

Phase 1B:
- Holly Pointe 

Phase 2:
- Oak Hall
- Windcrest
- Windwarde Pointe
- Morgan Park
- Trotter Bluffs
- Autumn Park
- Brayton
- Garrison

Phase 3:
- Bridgewater
- 12 Oaks

Phase 4A:
- Sunset Ridge North
- Cobble Ridge

Phase 4B:
- Sunset Ridge South

Phase 5:
- Remington
- Avent Acres
- Parkside
- Fairhill
- Parks at Bass Lake.

Phase 6:
- Brook Manor
- Carrington & Brackenridge
- Wildwood

This symbolizes a special case where we either will not wire the area up, or it is unlikely.

For example:
- We don't plan on building to Arbor Creek. AT&T Fiber was built in this area before we got in there. After surveying pre-orders, we determined there was not enough demand

- Areas like Hensley or Rhamkatte Village have CenturyLink fiber, and we don't currently plan to build here due to low pre-order demand. Pre-ordering could increase our chances of building this area, but we generally focus more on areas without existing fiber in the ground



To contact us directly, please call 919-753-4126. We're open 24/7.

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