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Ting Release Notes: November 5, 2015

Last updated by Isabel M

The following items went live on November 5th, 2015:

Updated to how monthly active line fees are displayed on bills:  Until now, the monthly device fee line item on your bills has displayed as a clickable link that says “$6 for each device.” Going forward we’ll finally take into account that you often activate mid-month, resulting in a pro-rated monthly line fee. Now the line item will simply show the number of devices on the account and when you click it, you’ll see a breakdown of your monthly line fees for the billing cycle.

Tax and fees descriptions:  We’ve added more robust descriptions for all taxes and fees on bills. Now when you click on that section of your bill, an itemized list will appear. When you mouse over any of those line items, a tool tip will pop up that more fully explains the line item.

SIM card confirmation during CDMA activations:  When you activate a CDMA device, the system will now show the ICCID of the CDMA SIM card on the account and ask you to confirm that it is the one in the device. Previously there was a pre-populated field which left room for confirming the wrong SIM card number by mistake. You'll also have the option to enter a different ICCID.

Phone number during Login with Amazon sign-up:  When creating an account with Ting using Login with Amazon you’ll now be prompted for a phone number during that process.

Improvement to field validation across forms:  All the forms you might encounter on the site have been updated so you’re able to fill in the entire form before you get feedback that anything you’ve filled in is incorrect. This keeps you from getting stuck in the middle of a form without being able to proceed until you’ve corrected a specific field. Once you get to the end of the form, you’ll get any and all error messages for fields that need updating. As soon as you’ve made those corrections, the submit button will become clickable.

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