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FAQ: Ting Personal Shopper Program


Last updated by Stephanie Cronkwright

1. What is the Ting Personal Shopper Program?

The program offers you a more cost-effective alternative to buying a new or refurbished phone directly from Ting. We search Glyde, eBay, Swappa and Amazon for used, inactive devices that are compatible with our GSM network.  Here is a link to the Personal Shopper Program so you can get started


2. How quickly do Personal Shoppers find phones?

Our Personal Shoppers will try to provide at least three recommendations from our partner sellers within two business days. If you need a recommendation sooner, please call 1-855-846-4389 or chat with one of our agents online.


3. What types of phone options will I receive?

As long as it is supported by our GSM network provider, or it is a unlocked GSM device, we will look for whatever style of phone you are interested in. This ranges from smart-phones, feature phones, tablets, hot-spots, qwerty slides and beyond.


4. Will the phone I purchase come with a SIM card?

No. SIM cards are tied to a user's account and are not transferable to another user. A Ting SIM card will be free of cost only when purchasing a suggested item a Personal Shopper has recommended. A screen shot of your order will be required in order to have the free SIM card sent out.  


5. Does the Personal Shopper only recommend GSM phones?  

Due to the Sprint Financial Eligibility Dates Policy, we currently only provide GSM options to you, to avoid purchasing a flagged incompatible device.


6. What is GSM and CDMA?

In the U.S. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) and GSM (Global Systems for Mobiles) are shorthand for the two major radio systems used in cell phones. CDMA carriers use network based white lists to verify their subscribers, while GSM carriers put the customers information on a removable SIM card.


7. Will I need to set up an account with Glyde, eBay, Swappa or Amazon to buy a phone?

Yes. They are separate companies, so you cannot use your Ting account billing information to make purchases with these sellers.


8. The listing mentions that the phone has a IMEI number?

IMEI stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity and is a unique identifier for a mobile device.


9. Does it matter if I buy a device with a "bad IMEI" ?

Yes. A device with a bad IMEI cannot be added to your Ting account because it has been flagged by the previous carrier for a specific reason. It could be a lost or stolen device, or a device on an account with an unpaid balance. Our Personal Shoppers will only recommend devices with a "clean IMEI".


10. How do I know if a phone has a clean or bad IMEI?

The listings might mention the status of the phone's IMEI. If not, ask the seller and check the ESN number here. We will tell you if the phone will work with Ting or not.


11. Does it matter if I buy a device that is "rooted", "flashed", or "jail-broken"?

Yes. This means that the original owner or seller has changed fundamental aspects of the way the device works and more often than not, we cannot activate or troubleshoot devices that are not running a stock ROM. Ting does NOT support devices that are running unauthorized operating systems or software, and our Personal Shoppers will only recommend devices that have the original manufacturer's settings.


12. Can I return the device if I don't like it?

You may or may not be able to return the phone if you are not satisfied with your purchase, but this depends on the individual site or reseller. Make sure you are aware of their return policies before you place an order:

13. What if the Personal Shoppers can't find the device I am looking for?

This means it is probably not supported. We will only recommend phones that are GSM compatible, but we will always try our best to find something that works for you.


14. Will the device definitely work on Ting?

We hope so! Our Personal Shoppers assume that the device will function as advertised by the seller in the phone's listing. We cannot guarantee 100% that the phone will work because it doesn't come from Ting.


15. I don't want to buy a phone from a third party seller. Can I get a used phone from Ting?

Absolutely!  This is why we offer refurbished used phones on our shop page. All refurbished phones we sell are tested before we ship them to you and we offer a 30 day warranty period with each refurbished phone.


16. Are the devices you recommend from Glyde, Swappa, eBay, and Amazon "refurbished"?

Unless the seller specifically mentions that the device has been refurbished, then it is more than likely just passing hands from one owner to another.


17. I only want to buy new phones. Can you find me a new phone?

If you are looking for a new phone look for all the devices marked "New" that we sell on our main shop page. All new phones from Ting come with a one year warranty.


18. How long will I have to wait for the device to arrive?

This depends on the distance between the shipping location, the seller and your location. It is always recommended that you check with the seller beforehand. The seller might offer express shipping options.


19. What if I don't like the options the Personal Shopper finds for me?

Your requirements might change over time, so let our Personal Shoppers know if you are not happy with the recommendations. In turn, you can also let the Personal Shoppers know of your specification updates, and they can keep searching for you.

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  • Avatar
    martha barker

    The phone I purchased from you is to heavy & bulky can I put the sim card in my old Motorola flip to phone I had with AT&T?

  • Avatar
    Jamie Duncan

    Hey Martha.

    As long as the device you have from AT&T is unlocked and is able to take our sim card, you should have no problems putting the sim card into the phone and it working on the network. To check to make sure the device is for sure compatible you would want to check it out here --

  • Avatar
    Kathy Simon

    Please cancel my order made about 45 minutes ago . Kathy Simon
    Decision made in haste , please show me flip phones

  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant


    We're not able to provide support for cancelling orders from the comments section of a help article. To make sure we can cancel your order in time, please call us ASAP at 855-846-4389.

  • Avatar
    Kathy Simon

    I'm sorry , I must sound like a crazy lady ! I'm just old an very inexperienced

  • Avatar
    Kathy Simon


  • Avatar
    Mitch Surprenant

    You can also chat with us to cancel your order. and click "Chat Online"

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