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FAQ: Ting Compatibility Checker App


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1. What can I do with the Ting compatibility checker app?

The Ting checker app grabs your Android phone’s IMEI and checks to see if the device will work on Ting. It also tells you which network services (3G, 4G LTE etc.) your device will be able to access once the phone is activated with Ting.

2. How do I get the checker app?

Just click here.

3. Which devices are supported?

We haven't tested with every device available, but Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3 or later should be able to use the app.

4. I don't have an Android device; are there plans for any other versions of the app?

Currently there are no plans for any other versions of the checker app. If you would like to check your non-Android / older Android device, just enter your IMEI / MEID / ESN in the checker on our website here.

5. Why is the app asking for access to my device information; it it secure?

The app needs access to your phone's status and identity information in order to pull out the IMEI. This information--and only this information--is then sent securely to Ting servers and checked.

6. What do I do with this app once I've checked my device?

You can delete it. The app's only purpose is to check the compatibility of the device it's installed on, so once you've done that you probably won't need it again.

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