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Enable or Disable International Long Distance on Your Device


Last updated by Allan B

1. Sign in to your Ting account and click Device settings.



2. Click on the device for which you want to enable or disable international long distance. You can only enable or disable international long distance on an active number.



3. Click the edit icon next to the Minutes field.




4. Enable or disable your device's ability to make international long distance calls by clicking the switch and saving your choice.



5. You're done! This change may take up to five minutes to take effect.


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  • Avatar
    Lesa Johnson

    I really liked the pics with the directions. Made understanding the directions so much easier.
    Thank you for all you do for us. GO TING!!

  • Avatar
    Nidia Maxwell

    Didn't work for me and I am very displeased They said it was easy when we called in the States.

  • Avatar
    Mary Hudson

    Says international is enabled on dashboard.....when I dial the UK number automated voice says calls to that number not allowed on this service. My landline gets through just fine. Need to phone UK urgently - what gives?????

  • Avatar
    Barbara Kelly

    Couldna done it without the step-by-step instructions. Thanks!

  • Avatar
    Roxanne Wisniewski

    Mine says "Can use international roaming" instead of "Allow international long distance calls". Is this a problem?

  • Avatar
    Andre Haroutounian

    Hey Roxanne, the "Can use international roaming" option is for traveling outside of the US. If your device is active on GSM it should be enabled already but if you're not seeing the option there I'll ask that you get in touch with support ( so we can get things enabled for you.