Pre-ordering Ting Internet

Pre-ordering Ting Internet offers free installation, a free month, priority scheduling, and early installation access. Service scheduling depends on pre-orders, so we encourage you and your neighbors to pre-order!

Benefits of Pre-Ordering

Pre-ordering our service comes with a lot of benefits.

  1. Free standard installation.
  2. Free month of service (applied to the second month of active service).
  3. Speeds up scheduling services in your neighborhood.
  4. First-in-line access to installs. We'll prioritize your home or business as soon as service is available at your address.

If there is a pre-order fee associated with the order, it is a deposit and will be deducted from your first month of service. If you change your mind, you can get the pre-order fee fully refunded by contacting our Sales team.

In the unlikely event we are unable to provide service to your neighborhood, we'll refund all deposits. 

Scheduling Ting Internet in Your Neighborhood: How You Can Help

The scheduling for our services in your neighborhood is directly determined by the number of pre-orders received from your area. Your pre-order essentially serves as a vote for your community, and the more votes your neighborhood gets, the faster we'll get there! Getting the word out to your neighbors or neighborhood homeowners' associations so more people pre-order is the best thing you can do to speed things along.

Community Updates

  • We will send updates to all who place a pre-order.
  • For the latest news on Ting Internet, you can visit our blog.

No Option to Pre-Order

If you want Ting in your town or city and it's not there yet, please fill out our Bring Ting to my town form! Interest from residents is part of how we gauge where we should lay down fiber next. If we receive a critical mass of interest from an area, we are more likely to look there for expansion.

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