Managing your Ting Mobile Account

Plan Overview

Blue button that says 'Plan overview'

The Plan overview of your Ting account is where you will view your plan and usage details, or add a fast data top-up to your line(s)

If you want to check your overall current usage, locate the usage chart for the phone number you are viewing. This graph will show you the overall usage for the line in blue. The grey area within the graph will be the unused portion of your data allotment. 

If you want to view the current usage in further detail, select Data, Talk, or Text to open the more detailed breakdown.

The details shown will be dependent upon your selection:

  • Data details include:
    • the date the usage occurred
    • how much usage occurred
    • phone number that had the usage
    • location where the data was used
    • extra costs for the data, if applicable
  • Talk details include:
    • the date
    • originating and terminating numbers
    • the duration of the call
    • extra costs, if applicable
  • Text details include:
    • the date
    • incoming and outgoing numbers
    • extra costs, if applicable

If you are looking to add additional fast data to a line, you can use the Add fast data top-up button for the line you are adding a top-up for.

Pie graph show the amount of data used for a particular line. This graph says '0.03GB / 5GB used data'. Underneath the graph, there is a blue button that says 'Add fast data top-up.' Below that button there is a table that shows the data, Hotspot data, Talk, and Text used. Data = 0.03GB/5GB. Hotspot data = Included above. Talk = Unlimited. Text = Unlimited.

Blue button that says 'Add fast data top-up'

Usage Alerts

Blue button that says 'Usage alerts'

The Usage alerts tab allows you to set up usage alerts for each line or edit existing alerts.

Setting up Ting usage alerts is a good way to manage your overall account usage, or for individual lines. We provide the option to disable a service or provide an alert to ensure you know when you are reaching a cap that has been set on the account.

Image shows a table row for a phone line that has options to disable email or data, remove the line, or edit alerts for usage.

The option to add alerts to disable services is not available to users using a V1 SIM card.

Device Settings

Blue button that says 'Device settings'

In your device settings tab, you will be able to activate new devices and manage your existing devices.

Available options to help manage your Ting account include:

  • Update and add device nicknames.
  • Suspend or deactivate devices.
  • View your current IMEI and ICCID( SIM card number).
  • Update call settings, including call forwarding, blocking, call waiting, and voicemail settings.
  • Update long-distance calling.
  • Update international roaming settings.
  • Disable or enable texting.
  • Enable or disable Data.
  • Enable or disable tethering and hotspots.

To edit these settings, use the pencil icon on the right side of the setting you are updating. Image of a blue pencil indicating an edit button.

Please note: Not all of these settings will be available or functional for users on V1 SIM cards or certain devices.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

Refer a friend

Blue button that says 'Refer a friend'

The Refer a friend tab is where you can locate your referral link to share with friends and family.

If they sign up, you both get credit! 

Image says 'Share your personal referral link' with a bar below with an example link and a copy button to copy that link.

You can also post it to your social media accounts or through email using the icons on the right side.


Image says 'Spread the word' with social media icons for Facebook, X, and email.

Account Settings

Blue button that says 'Account settings'

In the account settings tab, you will be able to manage your account settings, including:

  • Account Name
  • Account Email
  • Preferred Contact Number
  • Ting account password
  • 2-FA verification settings.
  • Subscriptions to Ting news, device alerts, and surveys.
  • Current payment method settings.

Your last bill

Blue button that says 'Your last bill'

Your last bill section is where you will be able to find your last monthly bill to view or download a PDF as needed.

If you would like to download your last bill, you can use the Download button in the top-right of the page.
Blue text button that says 'Download'

Billing history

Blue button that says 'Billing history'

The Billing history section will show your account's complete billing history, including credits and payments. By default, this is set to show the last 6 months only.

If you want to view an earlier bill:

  1. Use the down arrow to expand the Billing history menu.
  2. Select the Last 6 months or select the year you want to view the billing history for. 
  3. Locate the month you want to view, and select Monthly Bill next to it.
    Image of menu under the heading 'Billing History' that allows users to select either Last 6 months or a year.
  4. If you want to download your bill's PDF file, select the paper icon to the right of the month.
    Blue text button that says 'Monthly bill'

Blue button outline of a piece of paper


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