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Changing the Default Messaging Application on Motorola Moto G4


Last updated by Sinead Devitt

As of September 15, 2016, MMS is not working on the Moto G4 on CDMA with the default Messenger or Hangouts application.  We recommend using Textra SMS as the default SMS messaging application in order to resolve this issue.


How do I Install Textra?


Applications on Android can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.  To launch the Google Play store, follow the steps below:


Open Play Store

1.  Press the Apps icon at the bottom center of the home screen. An icon containing two rows of dots usually represents it.


2.  Scroll through the applications and press Play Store.


3.  If this is the first time using the Play Store you will need to enter your Google login information and accept the terms and conditions.


Install Textra               

1.  After launching and signing into the Play Store, Enter “Textra SMS” into the box at the top of the screen and press the search button, usually represented by a magnifying glass.


 2.  Click on the Textra SMS Application in the search results.



3.  Click Install



4.  Press the Allow button to give Textra permission to install.


Using Textra

 1.  Press the Apps icon at the bottom center of the home screen.



2.  Scroll through the appllications and press Textra.


3.  Press “Make Default App” at the bottom of the screen after Textra launches.


4.  Answer Yes to “Change SMS app?” This will allow Textra to handle all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.


5.  You can now use Textra to send and receive SMS and MMS messages.


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