Viewing Your Ting Internet Billing History

Your complete billing history is available to view at any time within your Ting account. You can also make changes to your billing details from within your account, including payment method and service details.

Viewing your Bill

To see your upcoming bill and billing history, first, log in to your Ting account. Any Current balance due will show at the top of your Overview page.

An image of the Top left of a logged in Ting account with the words PLan overview and showing the customer's current due balance of $0.00.

How you access your Billing history might vary based on if you log into your account through our or site. If the top of your account looks more like the image shown here, please see the Legacy Site instructions at the bottom of this article.

An image showing the upper left portion of a user account on Ting's legacy site. It is visually distinct from the site as it has Plan overview and Usage alerts on the left menu instead of Overview and Billing.

Click Billing on the left menu to view your billing history, which shows your past monthly bills and any credits you may have received. 

Navigating Bills

If you have multiple pages of records, use the arrows/page numbers at the bottom of the section to navigate.

A small image of the navigation arrows that appear at the bottom of the Billing screen. Clicking the arrows or page numbers show older or newer bills.

If you know the specific time period you'd like to view a bill for, you can also filter by the date.

  1. Click the arrow in the Date column. A date search box will appear.
  2. Enter the date you wish to view billing for and then click Search.
    A picture of the expanded date filter which has a box to select the specific date to search and a blue search button to refine the results.

Emailing a Bill Copy

If you'd like a copy of a bill for your records, click the Email me a copy option to the right of the specific bill.

A small picture of the Email me a copy option and associated icon that appears to the right of each month's bill.

A checkmark with the message "Bill sent to your email" will appear near the top of the page to let you know the bill was successfully sent. A PDF copy of the bill will go to the email associated with your Ting Internet account.

An image of an example Monthly bill PDF that you can receive to your email. It shows the invoice number, invoice date, amount due, and any itemized details such as subtotal, promotion applies, or taxes and regulatory fees.

This PDF will look similar to the above with any relevant itemizations, including promotional credits and taxes (if applicable.)

Most states do not tax internet service specifically, but physical items such as routers or Wi-Fi extenders would include a tax on sales or rental fees.

If you do not see the email in your inbox, be sure to check your Spam and any email filters for a message from

Legacy Site

To see your billing history, first log in to your Ting account, then hover your cursor over My account in the top right corner of the screen to reveal the navigation options.

Select Billing history to view all the transactions on your account.

An image of the navigation menu on a Legacy Ting account. The My account option in the top right of the page is expanded to show the navigation settings for Account settings, Your last bill, Billing history, or Sign out. Billing history is highlighted.

Your billing history displays your monthly bill, as well as the bill payments you've made. It also displays any credits or other transactions. 

An image of the Billing history screen displaying the lat 6 months of charges and credits. Each item has a date, Bill description, and amount.

Click on individual billing history items for more details and further itemization, including any applicable taxes. Most states do not tax internet service specifically, but physical items such as routers or Wi-Fi extenders would include a tax on sales or rental fees.

An image of an individual bill's detail showing the amount that was charged, the date it was charged, and what the items charged were. A button at the bottom allows you to retern to View billing history.

Monthly bills can also be downloaded as a PDF from either the Billing history page or from a specific bill's details.

From Billing history, click the page icon next to the bill you would like to download.

A cropped image of the Billing history screen with a small page icon circled next to a bill item.

Alternatively, within a specific bill's Your bill details screen, click the Download option in the top right. 

An image of the Your bill screen accessed by clicking the page icon from Billing history. The download option is circled. Clicking the option will download a PDF of the bill.

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