Accessing your Call Log in CedarView

Cedar VoIP customers can pull up their call logs using our CedarView portal.

Required Account Information

You will need the following information to access your call logs:

  1. Company Id
  2. User Name
  3. Password

This information may be in your email. If you do not have an account set up, please contact us.

Accessing Your Call Log

  1. Log into
  2. Go to the Call Logs tab.
  3. Select the month you would like to review from the dropdown menu.
  4. Click the HTML button to generate the call logs in the browser window. 
  5. For the full call log, click the Excel button to download an Excel file with all calls for a given month.

Using the HTML-generated call log will load the call log in your browser window. Please note that this may take some time to load and may only display partial results for any given month, depending on the number of calls. 

Image of the main page of the CedarView customer portal site. It says CedarView customer portal and has instructions to enter your login information below. Requests users input their Company Id, User Name, and Password. Displays two buttons underneath the login bars: submit and clear.

Image of CedarView website once you have logged in. There are two tabs: Call Logs and Portal. In the selected Call Logs tab, there are instructions to choose the month you'd like to review. Below this there is a dropdown menu where users can select a month and then two buttons next to it for generating results: HTML and Excel.


Interpreting the Call Logs

  • Original Calling Number: The number initiating the phone call, whether it is to your phone line or coming from your phone line.
  • Original Called Number: The number dialed.
  • Calling Number: Duplicate of the Original Calling Number field.
  • Called Number: Duplicate of the Original Called Number field.

Image displays the Call Logs tab with a call record report for March 2022 generated in HTML. It displays a table with the following headers: Original Calling Number, Original Called Number, Calling Number, Call Date/Time, Duration, and Billed Duration.

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