Getting to know your Ting dashboard

Your usage dashboard is the ultimate tool for controlling your account with Ting Mobile. You will find everything you need to customize your experience with Ting, such as setting a cap to not exceed a certain usage amount, turning off access to services for certain devices or updating your payment method. While having so many options available to you may be daunting, we will explain each one to you.


Current usage 1.png

In the Current usage page of the account, you will find three dials indicating current usage levels. This information can be viewed in-depth by clicking on the minutes, messages, or megabytes link at the base of the dial, or refine it further by clicking on a specific number.

Usage alerts 2.png

In the Usage alerts page, you can set caps and alerts on your account. You can set an alert to be notified when you reach certain levels of usage or even turn off the feature automatically. You are in control of what you use with Ting.

Device settings 3.png

On this page, you can set specific feature access for every device on your account. Anything set here will override the physical phone's settings. If you do not want your device to be able to access data or three-way calling, the device settings page is the place to do it.

Billing history 4.png

On the Billing history page, you can view your monthly statements, bills that have processed, refunds, credits and device purchases that have been processed on your Ting account. If it has to do with a dollar amount, this is where you will go. 

Refer your friends 5.png

Here you will find the refer a friend URL link that is specific to your account. If you get someone to sign up, this is the link you will want to ensure they use. When your friend or family member creates their account using your link, you'll automatically get credits applied to your account after they activate.

Account activity 6.png

Under Account activity, you will find almost all actions that have taken place on your account. Notifications you may not want to miss will be listed here, or across the top your screen. For privacy, some of this information is limited.

Account settings 7.png

In Account settings, you will be able to make the majority of changes to your account for non-device related matters. From verification methods to updating the billing information, if it will affect you and your Ting account it can be managed here. 

Welcome video 8.png

If you have yet to activate a phone with us, you'll see our welcome video on the Current usage page. This video gives a quick breakdown of the information you will learn about within this article. If you have never seen it, don't stress. We have this below for you to check out.

As always, if you are having any trouble with your account, finding information, or simply want to learn more about a specific tab and its functions you can always contact support and we'll be more than happy to assist you. 

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