Troubleshooting phone calls

If you're having trouble making or receiving calls, we have some quick and easy suggestions to help you get connected.

No signal displayed

Review your coverage

When your phone is not picking up a signal for service, you want to review your coverage to ensure you are in a location that has a strong signal available.

Check the ZIP code on our coverage page to ensure coverage in your area. 

Restart your phone

If our coverage page indicates you are in a good coverage area, try powering your phone off and back on to see if a restart gets the phone to reconnect to the network. Sometimes it's just that easy!

Check your Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE settings

Wi-Fi Calling

Wi-Fi calling allows customers with specific phones to use Wi-Fi networks to boost their network towers' signal. 

If your phone supports Wi-Fi Calling and the feature is not enabled on your Ting account or your phone, enable the feature and test your phone calls to see if this helps place phone calls. Wi-Fi Calling is available for iPhone and some Android phones on Ting. 

Wi-Fi Calling can be enabled on your Ting account in Device settings by clicking on the Pencil icon to edit your voice services with your phone number.


VoLTE (Voice over LTE)

VoLTE allows phone calls to work over the cellular data network for a better connection. Depending on the network you are using with Ting, VoLTE will be essential for connecting to the network. Enabling VoLTE on your phone would be through your Android or iPhone settings.

Unable to make phone calls

Already tried restarting your phone and checked your Wi-Fi calling and VoLTE settings on your phone and are still encountering trouble placing phone calls? No need to panic. We have some additional options to help troubleshoot your phone calls.

Check the status of your phone number

To check the status of your phone number, go to the Device settings page in your account and check that the status of your device is listed as "active."


If you find your phone number in a different status other than Active in Device settings, click on the Pencil icon to edit the status and then tap on Unsuspend.


Check the voice settings of your phone number

While your phone number may be active, the voice service could be disabled for your phone number. For example, when you have a Usage Alert set up to disable your voice feature when you reach a specific limit in a billing cycle.

To confirm that voice services are enabled on your account, go to the Device settings page for your phone and make sure that Can make/receive calls is marked as Enabled.


Test the phone number being dialed

If there is one number or contact you are dialing that is not going through, try calling an alternate number to see if the issue is happening with any phone number being dialed. You may even use our test number of 1-855-865-5971.

Should the test call to the alternate number go through, great! Your phone calls are working, but there may be an issue with the other number you are dialing to. If the phone number that is not dialing is from your contact list, try dialing the phone number manually in the dial pad instead of dialing from your contact list. If dialing the number manually works, you could try removing and re-adding the phone number to your contact list and test again.

Include the area code when dialing out

If you're trying to dial a number, only using seven digits, and getting error messages or unusual busy tones, try making the call again using all 10 digits. Ting services are designed for use with 10-digit phone numbers. 

Remove third-party calling apps

Disable any third-party calling apps to see if you can make calls when those are not running. If you can make calls once a specific app has been disabled or removed, you will need to troubleshoot the app or try re-installing the app. 

Not receiving phone calls

In addition to not making phone calls, if you find you cannot receive phone calls, please try restarting your phone and review your settings

If you've already confirmed that you can make outgoing calls on your phone, but you're not receiving calls, these options may help get your calls. 

Review your call forwarding settings

Have you set up call forwarding to have your calls directed to a different phone number at some point? If this setting was used but not correctly disabled, this might interfere with your incoming calls. 

Try disabling your call forwarding settings on your Ting account online by going to Device settings and tapping the Pencil icon to edit the call forwarding. Once disabled, power the phone off and back on and test the incoming calls again. 


Do Not Disturb settings

A setting on your phone may be the culprit of preventing calls from reaching you. Do Not Disturb could be enabled and block calls from ringing through to your phone. Whether you are using iPhone or Android, there will be settings available on the phone to disable any active Do Not Disturb blocks. 

Phone number blocking

Another way your phone could be preventing phone calls is by having specific phone numbers blocked on your phone. This would result in those calls going straight to voicemail. Blocking phone numbers can be done through the settings of your iPhone and some Android phones.

If you are using any third-party apps for blocking phone calls, check over your app's settings to see if it could be preventing other phone calls from coming through. 

International troubleshooting

Trouble placing international calls while in the United States

If you're encountering errors making calls outside of the US but can make local calls, ensure that you have long-distance calling enabled in your Device settings



A friendly reminder that calling long distance from the United States may have surcharges when calling a mobile or landline, depending on the country.

International roaming troubleshooting

If you are traveling outside of the United States and encounter an error when trying to make phone calls, you may want to ensure the international roaming feature has been enabled for your number.

Note: International roaming on Ting's V1 network is currently only available in Canada and Mexico.

You can enable international roaming through your Ting dashboard under Device settings and by selecting the Pencil icon to edit your phone number features. 



Additional charges for international roaming would apply. 

If you're still unable to connect, get in touch, and we'll be happy to help further.


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