Ting Mother's Day offer 2020: add a line for free

Ting's 2020 Mother's Day offer is valid from Apr 27 - May 17, 2020, and is available for new accounts as well as existing customers. If you add a line to your Ting account in the offer period, we’ll waive the $6.00 line fee for as long as the line remains active as an additional line on a Ting account.

Got questions? We've got your answers below!

1. Who can take advantage of this offer?

This offer is available to new accounts (who activate more than one line during the promotional period) as well as existing customers (who add an additional line during the promotional period). It is available only on regular Ting pay-per-use subscription plans. 

Unfortunately, this offer isn’t available to those who have previously taken advantage of it last February, even if that line is no longer active.

2. Will a credit show on my bill?

Your monthly Ting bill will show a recurring credit of $6.00. This is the base monthly cost associated with having a line on Ting. This credit will appear at the end of your billing cycle.

Note: Ting is obligated to collect tax on our services and required government taxes according to your state still apply on the additional line fee. Find out about taxes and fees.

3. Can I add multiple lines and stack this offer?

This offer is only valid for one new additional line added during the promotional period. You are, of course, welcome to add more lines to your Ting account, but the offer is only valid for the first additional line you add during the offer period. It's also important to note that adding a new line is by way of bringing your number to Ting from another carrier, or from a new activation. This offer does not apply to numbers you switch or transfer to existing Ting accounts. 

4. Is it really free forever?

As long as you maintain the number of lines you have active including your new line, you’ll continue receiving your $6.00 monthly credit.

5. What does this mean for existing Ting customers?

If you’re an existing Ting customer with one line, and you add a line (transferring your number from a previous carrier than Ting or creating a new number on your account) during the offer period, you’ll continue receiving that $6 credit as long as your two lines are active. This does not include splitting or merging existing numbers on other Ting accounts as this is considered just moving an existing Ting line, and not adding a line to be eligible for this promotion.

6. What does this mean for new Ting accounts?

If you activate on Ting, you’ll start with one line. Add a second line to take advantage of this offer and get that $6 monthly credit. To keep getting the credit, keep those two lines active.

We hope you are excited about this offer as we are telling you about it! For any questions, please feel free to get in touch

7. Can I change the Ting network I'm on and keep this offer?

Unfortunately not. If you switch your phone to another one of our networks this appears as a line deactivation in our system and the offer will automatically expire.

8. What if I'm not on Ting's standard rates?

This offer is only available to accounts that are on Ting's standard pay for what you use rates.

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