Centennial, CO

We begun construction efforts in Centennial in 2017 and went live in August 2018. We are building the fiber network in distinct phases, based on pre-order demand figures. Some of these phases are determined by boundaries managed by HOAs, others are not. 

If your address is not in the phase we've built to or announced (see below), then we have no ETA to offer at this time. Anything outside of that a "wait and see" situation. Pre-order if you haven't already done so (if applicable) and keep an eye on our Centennial Blog for the latest information. You can filter by "Construction Updates" in the top right, which will show only the blog posts related to our construction efforts.

Plan Options

Home fiber:

  • Home Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

  • Ting 5/5
    5 Mbps upload, 5 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

 Business fiber:

  • Business Gigabit
    1000 Mbps upload, 1000 Mbps download
    Unlimited usage

Which you can get (home or business gigabit) depends on the address zoning -- residential or commercial. There are no taxes on the monthly plan in Colorado. There is, however, sales tax on the one-time purchase of our wireless router, or on the monthly $9 rental fee.

Serviceability Status

As of May 2020: Several neighborhoods are live, others are under construction, and some are on hold until we finish building a local data center in the city.

Unless you fall in an "installation stage" neighborhood, your area is likely waiting on the completion of the data center, will be finished in the second half of 2020.

Installation Stage:
- Willow Creek 1
- Willow Creek 2
- Willow Creek 3
- Willow West
- Willow Creek Patio Homes
- Walnut Hills (partial -- parts of this area are on hold)
- Foxridge

Construction Complete:
- Heritage Greens
- Homestead Farm II
- Mira Vista
- Orchard Valley

Construction Underway:
- Piney Creek
- Centennial Business District
- Homestead Farm I
- Homestead in the Willows
- Ridgeview Hills South
- Mill Creek

Construction Coming Soon:
- Nob Hill
- Highlands 460



Areas colored in blue, orange and green on our map will be connected back to our Ting Centennial data center. Our data center is currently under construction and will help us bring fiber to more addresses than ever. 

We’ll be able to light homes on the map once our data center is complete. We’ll be contacting everyone as soon as you can be lit


To contact us directly, please call 720-627-6916. We're open 24/7. 

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