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Troubleshoot your Ting Fiber connection

Internet not working? Before anything else, check the status of your Ting fiber access point (known as the ONT) and wireless router.  If you suspect an outage in your area, check our network status page for the latest updates or contact our Support team.

What is the ONT?

An ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is a small box installed inside your home, about the size of a deck of playing cards. It converts the fiber optic signal into Ethernet, which you then connect either to Ting's wireless router or a router you provide yourself. 

The ONT has lights just like your router and you'll want to check to make sure if any of the lights are missing, this usually indicates a fiber or ONT issue, so you'll want to check the power cord and the fiber to make sure they're properly connected and not loose.



Step 1: Check your fiber modem LEDs

1) Charlottesville


Power  --- Fully booted when solid green 
Broadband  --- Online when solid green; offline if solid red
Service  --- Online when solid green; offline when dark
Ethernet  --- Blinking green when ethernet cable is connected


2) Solana Beach, CA, Wake Forest NC and some areas in Centennial CO mceclip0.png

Blue Solid: Online
Blinking: Firmware upgrade in progress
Red Solid: Boot up failed, call 1-844-846-4994
Blinking: ONT is booting up
Purple Solid: Failed to provision, call 1-844-846-4994
Blinking: ONT service is provisioning
Green Solid: Fiber service online
Blinking: Fiber not online, call 1-844-846-4994

3) Fullerton, CA

LED Status
Power Green: Device is on
Red: Failed to start properly, call 1-844-846-4994
Off: ONT is not powered, check power cable
Link Green: ONT has light
Off: ONT is not receiving light, call 1-844-846-4994
Auth Green: ONT activated on network
Green flashing: ONT is activating
Off: ONT did not activate, call 1-844-846-4994
Internet Green: ONT has an IP and is online (router mode)
Green flashing: ONT is acquiring DHCP IP
Off: ONT is in bridge mode, or failed to acquire IP address

2) All other Ting towns (NC, CO, ID, and MD)


Power  --- Fully booted when solid green
Fiber  --- Online when solid green
LAN  --- Blinking green when ethernet cable is connected


Step 2: Check your router LEDs (Zyxel EMG3425, EMG6726, eero Pro 6E)

Zyxel EMG3425-Q10A


1) Power  --- Solid white when fully booted
2) WAN  --- Blinking when ethernet connected to blue WAN port
3) Internet  --- Blinking when online
4) 5G WiFi  --- Blinking when enabled and broadcasting
5) 2.4G WiFi  --- Blinking when enabled and broadcasting
6) Ethernet 1-4  --- Solid white when ethernet connected to respective numbered port
7) WPS  --- Solid white when enabled, blinking white when WPS process initiated
8) USB 1 & 2  --- Solid white when USB mass storage device connected 


Zyxel EMG6726


1) Power Solid green
2) WAN/Globe Blinking green
3) LAN 1-4 Blinking green when ethernet connected to a respective numbered port
4) USB Blinking green when USB drive plugged in
5) 2.4G Blinking when enabled and broadcasting
6) 5G Blinking when enabled and broadcasting


eero Pro 6E


No Light eero doesn't have power
Blinking White Booting up/connecting to internet
Solid White Connected to the internet
Blinking Blue Broadcasting Bluetooth signal
Solid Blue Connected to network and setting up
Blinking Green Multiple eero devices detected
Blinking Yellow Unapproved power source used
Solid Red Not connected to internet


Step 3: Check the buttons on the router (Zyxel routers)


Buttons must be pressed 'in' for the respective function to be enabled. Try toggling the buttons if you are unsure of the status of said function. Check the front panel for the appropriate LED indicators from the chart above.

Step 4: Check that your router cables are secure

  1. Power cable must be plugged in for operation
  2. Ethernet cable must be plugged from the fiber modem to the WAN port


Step 5: Check for damage or kinks to your fiber jumper


  1. Fiber jumper is typically yellow or white with green connectors
  2. The jumper should be free from breaks, cracks or severe bends (less than 100°)
  3. It should be connected to the GPON port on your fiber modem and a plastic wall plate
  4. Any excess cable is spooled into a 3-4" loop and zip-tied.  The loops should be even without any loops being pulled tighter than the rest.


Step 6: Powercycle your equipment

  1. Unplug the power adapter for your router and/or fiber modem
  2. Wait 20 seconds and plug in the power
  3. The equipment will take 3-4 minutes to boot up.  The Power LED indicator will blink while booting and turn solid when completed.
  4. Connectivity should be restored if the Internet (globe) appears on the Zyxel router, or the LED light is solid white on the eero Pro 6e. 


Step 7: Contact us if connectivity issues persist

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