Troubleshooting Your Ting Fiber Connection

If you're experiencing issues with your internet connection, check your Ting fiber access point, also known as the ONT, as well as your wireless router. If you suspect an outage in your area, check for the latest updates on our network status page.

Step 1: Check ONT LEDs

An ONT (Optical Network Terminal) is a small box similar in size to a deck of playing cards that is installed inside your home. It converts the fiber optic signal into Ethernet, which can then be connected to a router. The router can be Ting's wireless router, or a router you provide yourself.

The ONT has lights similar to your router. Check if ONT lights are missing. It typically means there is an issue with the fiber or ONT. Ensure that the power cord and fiber are connected and not loose.

Example of ONT box's lights on indicating it's working.             Image of an ONT box connected to a Ting router.

ONT Devices

To understand what your LED indicator means, click on your device's tab.

  • Image of a Calix GigaPoint 1000X router.

    Used in most Ting towns.

    LED Color What it Means
    Solid Blue Online
    Blinking Blue Firmware upgrade in progress.
    Solid Red Boot up failed. Call 1-844-846-4994
    Blinking Red ONT is booting up.
    Solid Purple Failed to provision, call 1-844-846-4994
    Blinking Purple ONT service is provisioning.
    Solid Green Fiber service online.
    Blinking Green Fiber is not online. Call 1-844-846-4994
  • Image of a router used in all other Ting towns.

    Used in Charlottesville, VA, Westminster, MD, Fuquay-Varina, NC, Holly Springs, NC, Sandpoint, ID, and Centennial, CO.

    LED What it Means
    Power Fully booted when solid green.
    Fiber Online when solid green.
    LAN Blinking green when ethernet cable is connected.
  •  Image of a Calix 801G or 803G

    Used in Charlottesville, VA.

    LED Color What it Means
    Power Solid green Fully booted
    Broadband Solid green Online
    Solid red Offline
    Service Solid green Online
    Dark Offline
    Ethernet Blinking green Ethernet is connected
  • Image of a Nokia 7368 router.

    Used in Fullerton, CA.

    LED Color What it Means
    Power Green The device is on.
    Red Failed to start properly. Call 1-844-846-4994
    Off ONT is not powered. Check the power cable.
    Link Green ONT has light.
    Off ONT is not receiving light. Call 1-844-846-4994
    Auth Solid Green ONT is activated on the network.
    Blinking Green ONT is activating.
    Off ONT did not activate. Call 1-844-846-4994
    Internet Solid Green ONT has an IP and is online (router mode).
    Blinking Green ONT is acquiring DHCP IP.
    Off ONT is in bridge mode or failed to acquire an IP address.
  • Calix_gp1000x.png
    When everything is working properly with a GP100X, the LED strip will be a solid blue color. Any change in color or blinking pattern indicates non-normal function.

    Indicator Meaning
    Solid blue Fully booted and functioning normally with internet service.
    Blinking blue In process of booting up, still establishing a connection to the internet.
    Solid red Failed to boot up properly or has lost internet connectivity

Step 2: Check Router LEDs 

Click on your router's tab to see what the LED indicator means.

  • Zyxel EMG3425-Q10A Router's LED button's labeled.

    LED What it Means
    (1) Power Solid white when fully booted.
    (2) WAN Blinking when ethernet connected to blue WAN port.
    (3) Internet Blinking when online.
    (4) 5G WiFi Blinking when enabled and broadcasting.
    (5) 2.4G WiFi Blinking when enabled and broadcasting.
    (6) Ethernet / LAN 1-4 Solid white when ethernet is connected to the respective numbered port.
    (7) WPS Solid white when enabled, blinking white when the WPS process is initiated.
    (8) USB 1 & 2 Solid white when the USB mass storage device is connected. 
  •   LED

    What it Means

    Zyxel EMG6726 Router buttons labeled.

    (1) Power

    Solid green.

    (2) WAN/Globe Blinking green.
    (3) Ethernet / LAN 1-4 Blinking green when ethernet is connected to a respective numbered port.
    (4) USB Blinking green when the USB drive is plugged in.
    (5) 2.4G Blinking when enabled and broadcasting.
    (6) 5G Blinking when enabled and broadcasting.
  • Image of an eero Pro 6E router with the light on.

    LED What it Means
    No Light eero does not have power.
    Blinking White Booting up/connecting to the internet.
    Solid White Connected to the internet.
    Blinking Blue Broadcasting Bluetooth signal.
    Solid Blue Connected to the network and is setting up.
    Blinking Green Multiple eero devices are detected.
    Blinking Yellow An unapproved power source is being used.
    Solid Red Not connected to the internet.
  • Calix_844G_Ting_internet_annotated.png
    Used only in Charlottesville, VA. This unit works as a combination fiber access point and router.

    LED What it Means
    (1) Power Blinking during startup but otherwise should remain solid.
    (2) Broadband Normally Blinking but may remain solid at times. It indicates light moving across the fiber and into the unit.
    (3) Service Blinking when online.
    (4) WiFi (2.4G & 5G) Blinking when enabled and broadcasting. 
    (5) Ethernet Ethernet lights 1 through 4 indicate an active connection when a device is wired to the respective port.
    (6) USB Solid when ethernet is connected to the respective numbered port.
    (7) WPS Solid when enabled, blinking when the WPS process is initiated.


Step 3: Check Router Buttons (Zyxel routers)

Image of a Zyxel router's power button and On/Off WiFi & LED buttons.

  1. Buttons circled above must be pushed in. Toggle them in and out if you are unsure.
  2. Then, refer back to the LED indicators in the section above.

Step 4: Check Router Cables 

Please ensure that the following cables are properly connected: 

  1. The power cable is plugged in.
  2. The Ethernet cable connects the fiber modem to the WAN port.

Step 5: Check for Damage or Kinks to Your Fiber Jumper

Fiber Jumper cables that's yellow with green connectors.

The fiber jumper is typically yellow or white with green connectors.
Check for the following:

  1. Free from breaks, cracks, or severe bends (less than 100°).
  2. Connected to the GPON port on your fiber modem and a plastic wall plate.
  3. Make sure to spool the excess cable into a 3-4" loop and zip-tie it neatly. The loops should be even without any loops being pulled tighter than the rest.

Step 6: Power Cycle Your Equipment

To power cycle your router and/or fiber modem, follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug the power adapter for your router and/or fiber modem.
  2. Wait 20 seconds.
  3. Plug in the power adapter again.
  4. Wait for 3-4 minutes for the equipment to boot up.
    While booting, the power LED indicator will blink. Once completed, it will turn solid.
  5. To confirm that your connectivity is restored, check if the Internet (globe) appears on the Zyxel router or if the LED light is solid white on the eero Pro 6e.

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