Broken phone payback offer: terms and conditions

This offer is valid for new accounts and existing customers. If you bring a recently repaired phone to Ting, we will credit your account back up to $150 for the cost of the repair.

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Who can take advantage of this offer?

This offer is available for new accounts and existing Ting customers.

Existing customers may only take advantage of this offer if they have never used any other promotional code in the past. They must have added an additional Ting Mobile line to their account and had their device repaired no more than a month prior to making a claim via the offer landing page.

New accounts must have joined Ting Mobile and had their device repaired no more than a month prior to making a claim via the offer landing page.

Can I make more than one claim?

One repair claim is allowed per Ting Mobile account and one repair receipt is allowed per claim. In other words, multiple repair receipts as part of one claim are not eligible under the payback promo.

How should I share my receipt?

Once you have completed the request form on the broken phone landing page, our team will reach out to you to request a copy of your receipt if you are eligible. Please provide them with a photograph of a printed device repair receipt or a receipt for the parts you purchased for a DIY repair.

Note: Handwritten receipts are not eligible.

How does the payback credit work?

Credit will be added to the Ting account in $15/month installments. The cost of repair will be rounded up to the lowest credit bracket required to cover the cost highlighted on the receipt (credit brackets are $30, $60, $90, $120, $150).

So, for instance, if your repair costs $20, you’ll get two $15 monthly credit installments equaling $30. If your repair costs $110, you’ll get eight $15 monthly credit installments equaling $120. Credit will be applied at the end of the month.

Credit is redeemable on service only. Ting reserves the right to refuse offering service credits if we suspect fraud or misuse of the promo.

Applicable only to standard Ting Pay for Use plans only and excludes any unlimited plans. Taxes still apply.


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