Franklin R850 - 30GB Mobile Hotspot FAQs

Our 30GB Wi-Fi hotspot device (no contract), costs $25/mo and comes with our same no commitment guarantee. It’s an affordable Wi-Fi hotspot deal you won’t want to miss out on.

Why such a good deal on data?
We've been able to negotiate this deal with our network partner on the basis that it is tied to these hotspot devices so we're unable to offer this deal for your phone usage. The hotspot is very portable however so it's easy for you to take it with you and connect your phone on the go.
I don't know what a hotspot is, what is a hotspot? Is it portable?
A hotspot is a small battery operated device that provides Internet access to mobile devices such as your laptop or smartphone when you are away from the office or your home. Hotspots make it possible for you to get online wherever you go.
This particular hotspot from Ting connects to the internet via Sprint’s CDMA LTE network and allows you to connect your devices via WiFi to use 30GB of data for just $25/mo.
Can I use the hotspot as a flex device and only pay when I need it?
Unfortunately not. You can cancel the hotspot device whenever you need to but you won’t be able to turn the service off and on.
Is there a contract or cancellation fee?
No, we’re not locking you into any commitment so there’s no contract and no cancellation fee if you decide to deactivate the hotspot from your account.
What is the price structure if I use over 30GB?
It’s not possible to use more than 30GB—this is a hard cap. If you would like more data, you can simply order more hotspots with 30GB of data for $25/mo.
Is it possible to increase the amount of GB per month?
Each hotspot is capped at 30GB per month; however, you’re are welcome to order multiple hotspots if you need a higher data limit.
Can my unused data from one month carry over into the next?
The 30GB data limit can’t be saved up or carried over. Once a new month begins, the 30GB limit will reset.
What type of data connection does the hotspot use?
The hotspot gets its data via a 4G LTE connection on the Sprint CDMA network. You can connect your own devices to the hotspot via Wi-Fi.
Can I plug my other devices into the hotspot? How do they connect?
You can't physically plug your phone or laptop into the hotspot. You connect your devices to the hotspot using Wi-Fi like you would when connecting to Wi-Fi at home, work or in a coffee shop.
Will my current phone have access to the 30GB of data?
The 30GB of data is strictly for the hotspot device. You can connect your phone to the hotspot via Wi-Fi to use this 30GB of data, but your phone can’t use up this data bucket via an LTE connection.
Can this 30GB hotspot replace my home Internet?
That depends on how much data you use in a typical month. It’s a good idea to check with your current provider to see if you regularly exceed 30GB or not. If you usually use less than 30GB, then this could be a great deal for you.
You might also want to double check that you have good Sprint CDMA coverage in your area to make sure that you get consistent Internet speeds. And don’t forget, there’s no contract so you can always order a hotspot and try it out risk-free.
Do I have to activate the hotspot device right away?
You'll need to activate the device in order to take advantage of your 30GB of data for just $25 per month but there isn't a set number of days that you need to do this by.
Can I use my own device?
No, these devices have been specifically set up to work with this data offer.
What are the specifications of the device?
The full specifications of the hotspot device can be found on the hotspot shop page under the ‘Specs’ section.
Can I get a copy of the device manual?
Sure, you can download a copy of the manual.
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