Making calls and sending text messages

If you’re used to using the FreedomPop VoIP application for calls and texting, switching over to Ting and not being able to use that app may take you into unfamiliar territory. This should provide you with the information to make calls and send texts using either an iOS or Android phone. For information specific to your phone, and to check out some of the other features of your phone, many of the manufacturer’s sites have online help and tutorials on how to use your phone.


Please note that if the OS has updated you will need to go through steps to remove FreedomPop apps and firmware from the device again. 

Use the following steps to remove any FreedomPop related calling or SMS apps:

  • Uninstall or disable all FreedomPop related apps
    1. Go to Settings, select Applications, and Select all.
    2. Tap each and every app individually that mentions anything FreedomPop related. 
    3. Clear cache and data and once done disable/uninstall. If the app is built into the phone it will say disable; if it's additional, then it will have an uninstall option available.
  • Use Stock Phone Dialer or download a new one from the Play store.
    • Customers have been having luck using Google Hangouts Dialer.
  • Download new Messaging app.
    • Customers have been having luck using Textra SMS.

Once you have removed all FreedomPop apps and/or downloaded new messaging or calling apps for your phone, you should be able to complete a profile update or carrier reset.



Making a phone call

To start a call in the Phone app , phoneicon.pngdial the number on the keypad, tap a favorite or recent call, or choose a number in your Contacts list.

Dial manually

  1. Tap Keypad.

  2. Do any of the following:
    • Use a different line: On models with Dual SIM, tap the line at the top, then choose a line.
    • Enter the number using the keypad: If you make a mistake, tap delete.png.
    • Redial the last number: Tap handeticon.png to see the last number you dialed, then taphandeticon.png to call that number.
    • Paste a number you’ve copied: Tap the phone number field above the keypad, then tap Paste.
    • Enter a soft (2-second) pause: Touch and hold the star (*) key until a comma appears.
    • Enter a hard pause (to pause dialing until you tap the Dial button): Touch and hold the “#” key until a semicolon appears.
    • Enter a “+” for international calls: Touch and hold the “0” key until “+” appears.
  3. Taphandeticon.png to start the call.
  4. To end the call, tap hangupicon.png.
Sending a text message

Use the Messages app messages.png to send and receive texts, photos, videos, and more using the iMessage or SMS/MMS service. With iMessage, you can enhance your messages with bubble effects, invisible ink, full-screen effects, and more.

WARNING: For important information about avoiding distractions while driving, see Important safety information for iPhone.

Start a conversation

In Messages, you can have a conversation with one or more people.

  1. In the Messages list, tap newmessage.png.

  2. Enter the phone number or Apple ID of each recipient, or tap add_recips.png, then choose contacts.
  3. On models with Dual SIM, to send an SMS/MMS message from a different line, tap the line shown, then choose the other line. See also Manage your cellular plans.

  4. Tap the text field, type your message, then tap sendmessage.png to send it.
    An alert alert.png appears if a message can’t be sent. Tap the alert to try sending the message again.

Tip: To see what time a message was sent or received, drag a bubble to the left.


Making a phone call

Tap the Phone icon (lower left icon on the home screen)

Tap the Keypad icon from within the phone app

Type in the number you wish to call and then press the call icon at the bottom of the screen. Calls within the U.S. require the full 10 digit number.

When done, tap the end call button at the bottom of the screen.

Sending a text message

Tap the messages icon on the home page

Tap the new message icon at the bottom right

Type in the phone number or start typing in the name of the contact you want to send the message to and select them from the list


Tap Enter Message and write your message

Once you have the message ready to go, tap send

Stock dialer and messaging app on Freedompop Android

Trying to use the stock dialer to dial out, will result in the following issues. You will be getting errors such as FreedomPop Config and asking for an email, which if entered an invalid response is given. At this point, you'll be unable to dial out or receive calls 

Reason: The Freedompop apps/ plugins have taken over the dialer to default to FreedomPops servers for VOIP. This is no longer valid or operational.

A lot of the FreedomPop applications are part of the device as a custom sale, these cannot be removed for the most part as the phone was designed as such if purchased from FreedomPop directly 

Fix: You will need to disable any FreedomPop related apps in the app settings, including messenger and dialler

1. Go to Settings 

2. Applications 

3. Select All 

4. Tap each and every app individually that mentions anything FreedomPop related 

5. Clear cache and data and once done disable/uninstall. If the app is built into the phone it will say disable, if it's additional then it will have an uninstall option available

Note: Clear cache for any SMS messenger or dialer located in the apps listing or any applications mentioning FreedomPop config of any sort

Once done restart the device and they should be able to connect to the towers without the FreedomPop software taking over for their VOIP service 



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