$50 Amazon.com Gift Card Offer Terms

This offer is valid for new Ting Mobile customers signing up via the Amazon.com Gift Card landing page between October 24 and November 17 only and activating a device on our Sprint (CDMA) network. Eligible accounts will receive a $50 Amazon.com Gift Card in the form of an Amazon.com eGift card to their Ting Mobile registered email address, after at least one of the below conditions have been met:

  • Ting account records $100 in service charges excluding the cost of any taxes and service credits i.e. only charges for actual usage 
  • Ting account remains active for 6 months with at least one line and some usage (minutes, messages or data) billed in each of those 6 months

Ting reserves the right to refuse issue of the reward at its own discretion.


Who can take advantage of this offer?

This offer is available for new Ting customers only.

New customers must sign up via the promotional landing page between October 24 and November 17 in order for their entry to be recorded. New customers must have at least one line kept active on Ting’s Sprint (CDMA) network in order for their $100 of service charges or 6 months of billing to be registered.


How many active lines can I have?

When you add multiple lines to your account, and share your usage, you’ll see your cost per line go down with Ting. Make sure at least one of your active lines are on Ting’s Sprint (CDMA) network in order to be eligible for the $50 Amazon.com Gift Card.


What if my phone won’t work with Ting’s Sprint (CDMA) network?

Unfortunately we can only offer the full $50 Amazon.com Gift Card to individuals activating on our Sprint (CDMA) network. If you are unable to activate your phone on this network but you have fulfilled all of the other promotional criteria, you will be eligible for a $25 Amazon.com Gift Card.


Can I earn more than one $50 Amazon.com Gift Card?

Only one $50 Amazon.com Gift Card will be awarded to each eligible account that meets the billing criteria. 


How do I keep track of my usage?

We’ll look at your bill at the end of each calendar month to check if you’ve reached the required usage yet, and we’ll send out your $50 Amazon.com Gift Card via email when you do. You don’t need to keep an eye on whether you have reached the $100 in service or not. If you’re eager to find out how close you are to your reward, however, just add up your monthly Ting bills excluding any service credits you’ve received and taxes paid.


Where can I spend my $50 Amazon.com Gift Card?

Use your Amazon.com Gift Card towards books, electronics, music, and more. The Amazon.com web site is the place to find and discover almost anything you want to buy online at a great price.

Restrictions apply, see amazon.com/gc-legal.

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