Creating Your Belvedere Ting Internet Account

If you’re new to Ting Internet and live in the Belvedere community, then you’ll need to create a Ting account. This will allow us to pass along any service-related updates directly to your email.   Please follow the instructions below to get started!

If you already have an existing Ting account, just make sure to log into it on the top right corner of Then proceed with following the instructions below. (You will not have to do step 4)

  1. Go to and select your city.
  2. On your city’s page, enter your Belvedere address and click “Check” 
  3. You should now see a message that says your landlord (or HOA) is picking up the tab, click “Continue”.
  4. To create Ting login credentials, use a valid and accessible email address and create a password with at least 10 characters. Then click “Create an Account”
  5. Select your lease type, then click “Continue”. (This is a temporary page, you can select either option) 
  6. Time to review your account details! If everything looks correct and you have read the Ting Terms of Service, you can click the little checkbox that you have read the terms and click “Continue”.
  7. That’s it, you’re done!

* If your order comes up as a $9 pre-order, please call our support number at (434) 227-5984 *

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