How to Restart the Amino Set-Top Box or PVR

This article will briefly illustrate how to restart the Amino equipment used for Ting TV.



There are three methods that will be described here:

1. Reloading the portal
This is very quick (5 to 8 seconds) and quickly reloads elements of the menu and overlay that may be stuck. This can be especially useful if the Program Guide is blank or not showing particular show information.

2. Rebooting the set-top box via the Menu
This will perform a proper restart of the unit via the software menu

3. Rebooting the set-top box by pulling the plug
The most basic way to restart it


Method 1: Reloading the Portal

1. Hit "Menu" on the remote to bring up this screen, in which the top left corner will show the following menu items:


2. Hit the right arrow button (next to "OK" button) to move from TV over to Settings at the top


3. Once on Settings, hit the down arrow to drop to the lower menu, then hit the right arrow until System info is highlighted


4. Hit "OK" button to enter this menu, which looks like this:


5. Hit the down arrow so Restart is selected


6. Hit the right arrow to highlight the two options in that column:


7. With Reload portal selected, hit "OK" button and the portal will reload within 10 seconds


Method 2: Restarting the Set Top Box

1. Repeat Steps 1 through 6 listed above from Method 1

2. This time hit the down arrow so Restart the set top box is selected


3. Hit "OK" button and give the equipment about 5 minutes to restart


Method 3: Power Cycle

1. Pull the power plug out for the unit, either from the back of the Amino unit itself or from the electrical outlet

2. Wait 10 seconds and then plug it back in

3. Give the unit about 5 minutes to start back up

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