Your network switch FAQ (for customers contacted by Ting)

We're proactively reaching out to customers who we think our new network would be great for. If you haven't received an email from us yet, then you might very soon. 

Please remember that we do try to choose the best network for you based on the phone you have and the coverage in your area. That being said, if you're having coverage issues and you think that your phone is compatible with one of our other networks, we’re always happy to help you try out another network and we're available to answer any questions via chat, email or on the phone.


What’s so great about this new network?

Our new network is the largest and most reliable in the country. It’s particularly superior to the other networks in rural areas and other locales that usually don’t get very good coverage. That’s why we added it. We want all of our customers to have an excellent network experience for less.


Why does Ting need three networks?

The fact is all phones don’t work on all networks. Also, although our new network has the most coverage of them all, there are certain areas where another network may perform better. When you combine those two facts, you realize that different networks will be better for different people. With three networks, we can give our customers a better experience than other carriers due to the choice of network that will suit them best.


Why won’t some unlocked phones work on the new network?

Certain models of phone are designed to work with a certain network. Even the same model of phone can have variants with different components (e.g. antennae) which makes each version work on different networks. 


Free SIM, free switch - what’s the catch?

There is no catch, we swear. If we can provide better coverage, we’ve got happier customers. That’s great for you. If you’re a happy customer, you’ll stick around. That’s great for us. And hey, maybe you’ll even tell your friends about how Ting gives big-network coverage for cheap [insert innocent face emoji here].


Will I start having a worse experience if I don’t switch?

Nope - you can expect your coverage to stay the same if you don’t switch over. If you’re totally happy with your coverage now, great! However, if you’ve ever experienced poor coverage or connection quality, it may be due to your current network strength, and switching over could fix those problems.


What about my phones that can’t make the switch?

Of course, those phones will continue to experience the type of network experience you currently have. This isn’t a sales push - if the new network does give you better service, you can simply make that phone your main device. However, if you decide you do want to have all your lines on the new network, we’ll be happy to help you find phones that will work.

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