Amazon Pay discontinued FAQs

After much consideration, Ting will be discontinuing the use of Amazon Pay as a payment method for monthly bills on September 1, 2020. A number of factors went into this decision, but rest assured, that decision was made with our customers’ optimal experience in mind. This will allow us to focus on bringing even more convenient and secure payment methods to you in the near future.


Why do I need to add my card details to my Ting Account?

Ting is removing Amazon Pay as a method of bill payment. We’re contacting any customers currently using Amazon Pay and asking them to add their credit card details directly into their Ting Account instead. 

If you do not have a valid credit card on your Ting account by September 1, 2020, you may experience service disruption due to Ting being unable to bill you for your usage.


How do I add my card details to my Ting Account?

Simply log in to your Ting Account on the Ting website, head to Account Settings and update the Billing section with your card details.

Check out this help article for step-by-step instructions.


Will my billing date change?

No, updating your card details will not change your billing date.


Why is Ting removing Amazon Pay?

Only a small number of Ting customers currently use Amazon Pay to pay their Ting bills. Removing this payment method will give us the flexibility to add even more convenient and streamlined payment options in the future.


Will I be charged more?

No, adding your credit card into your Ting Account instead of Amazon Pay will not affect the price that you pay for Ting service.


Are there any other payment options I can use?

Unfortunately, there are no alternative payment methods at this time. Adding a credit card to your Ting account will be the only way to pay for Ting service from September 1, 2020. However, you can look forward to improved payment options in the future.

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