Customers returning to regular Ting rates

After extending them as long as possible, Ting Mobile will be discontinuing a number of pricing plans that differ from its regular rates after September 30, 2020. Any customers currently using a pricing plan that does not follow Ting Mobile’s regular rates structure will receive an email informing them that they will switch to regular Ting Mobile rates from their first full billing cycle after this date.


When will this take effect?

Your first full billing cycle after September 30, 2020 will utilize regular Ting Mobile rates. 

For example, if you are usually billed up to the 15th of the month, you will move to regular Ting Mobile rates on your October 16 - November 15 bill.


Will my billing date change?

No, your billing date will not change. The only thing that will change is the price you are charged for usage. You will also still receive a breakdown of your usage as part of your regular bill.


Will I lose service? Do I need to take any action?

No, your service will continue uninterrupted. There is no need for you to take any action.


What if I don’t find Ting Mobile’s rates competitive enough?

We’ve heard loud and clear that data pricing is a pain point for some of our customers. Good news: we’ve been doing some work behind the scenes and will be addressing this soon. Stick around and find out how.


How do I know if I’m currently not on the regular rates?

If your pricing plan looks a little different to the rates listed here, then you probably are not on our regular Ting Mobile rates.

Some customers are on alternative pricing plans due special agreements with our network partners or because they have come to Ting Mobile as part of another network. Unfortunately, these alternative plans were always only a temporary option as they relied on rates specially negotiated over the short term with our network partners.


Why is this happening now?

We were able to offer the plan you’re currently on for a short time through negotiations with our network partners. This was done in order to provide Ting subscribers with even further value. While these plans were slated to be discontinued earlier this year, we were able to extend them temporarily to help our customers, especially during these challenging times. 


Does this mean that I will be paying more for my phone service?

With Ting Mobile, you pay for what you use. How much you pay all depends on how you use your phone. For a number of our customers, switching to our regular rates will actually save them money or they’ll at least pay a very similar amount to what they paid before.

If you do find that your bill has gone up, rest assured that we are actively working on lowering our data rates, and this work should bear fruit quite soon.


What if I don’t want to stay with Ting Mobile because of this?

We’d like everyone to be happy with the service that they are receiving from Ting Mobile but if you’ve decided that we’re no longer right for you we of course understand that. Ting Mobile doesn’t do contracts so you are more than welcome to settle up your account and find a network better suited for you.

You’ll also be welcome to come back to Ting Mobile at any time. We’ll be happy to get you activated again if and when you’re ready.

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