Gigabit Fiber and the Ting Difference

Gigabit fiber optic internet provides a lightning-fast, stable, and robust internet experience that can handle all your devices and utilities now and in the future.

Why Fiber Wins

Fiber internet works differently from old-school copper, and it's a difference you can feel.

"Light-speed" fast

Gigabit fiber internet provides lightning-fast speeds that allow you to do everything you would usually do online and even opens up new possibilities. Whether you're browsing, gaming, streaming, or doing something else, with Ting Internet, you can enjoy symmetrical upload and download speeds. This means you can upload large files while still enjoying uninterrupted streaming and downloading.

The real benefit of fiber internet is in the bandwidth. Bandwidth can be thought of as the width of a pipe. The wider the pipe, the more traffic can move back and forth simultaneously. Having 1 Gigabit of bandwidth means that everyone in the house can do their thing without devices clashing and fighting for bandwidth. Unlike other internet service providers (ISPs) who experience slow periods during peak hours, especially during evenings, Ting's fiber networks are designed with bandwidth to spare. As a result, your connections are fast all day, every day.


Gigabit fiber offers faster speeds and better network stability than copper. It provides more room for growth and can handle the increasing demands of modern households. As we rely more upon our home utilities such as TV streaming, gaming, and, phones, it's crucial to have a connection that can keep up. With fiber internet, you can be confident that your service can handle the demands of the future.

Illustration of a three-level home featuring a home office, smart TV, and home assistant, all connected to the internet.

Having fiber internet available at your home is an investment. Much like upgrading your home's interior or exterior features, having fiber internet offers a selling point that other homes may not have. Future owners can have their service activated by Ting quickly, without any complex installation, which means fewer details to worry about when moving.

Not every aspect of our home Wi-Fi networks has caught up with the speeds fiber can provide. Wi-Fi still delivers less speed than a wired connection, but as Wi-Fi standards improve, your wireless devices can take advantage of the speeds that gigabit fiber provides.

Ting Internet is Gigabit Fiber

Gigabit fiber is the right way to experience the internet, whether you're tech-savvy or tech-timid. With better network stability, speed, and bandwidth, Ting fiber lets you do whatever you need to do online, with the assurance that your service will keep up with future demands. Check your address to see if Ting is available in your town!

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