Getting Started with Ting Internet

Learn more about signing up for Ting Internet and bringing Ting to your town!

Sign up for Ting Internet

This article caters explicitly to Fullerton, CA residents. If you are interested in setting up internet services in a different location, we recommend referring to our comprehensive guide, Placing an Order on the New Ting Platform, for detailed instructions and information.

Placing an order or pre-order for Ting Internet service is the first step to getting our crazy-fast fiber Internet at your house. Once you let us know you're interested by placing an order, we'll be in touch to help you with the next steps in the installation process.

Ordering overview

  1. check your address
  2. create a Ting account (or create a prepaid account if your landlord takes care of the bill)
  3. enter your billing info
  4. choose your equipment options
  5. choose Standard or Custom installation
  6. select any TV streaming devices you want to include
  7. review your order details
  8. confirm your order

Confirm Ting is available where you live

To confirm Ting is available where you live, check your address for serviceability.

Select the tile for your town.


Enter your address details and click Check.


If your address isn't yet ready for Ting, you'll be offered the option to *pre-order. Placing a pre-order ensures we'll be in touch once we're prepared for the next steps at your property.

A pre-order is a vote to bring Ting Internet to your neighborhood. The more votes your community gets, the faster we’ll get there!


*learn how your pre-order helps us prioritize where we'll bring lines in next

If your address is ready to have Ting installed - fantastic! When you see the success message, you can start an order for service.


Place your Ting Internet service order

Let's place your order:

  1. Enter a valid email and password (minimum 10 characters), then click Create account.
    Note: If you have an existing Ting Mobile account, you'll need to create a separate Ting Internet account using a different email address.
  2. For a new account, enter your credit card information and click Continue.
    Note: If you also have Ting Mobile service and would like to use the same credit card for your Internet account, please contact our Sales team for assistance.
  3. Select your router option - Buy, Rent or bring your own
  4. Add a Ting WiFi extender(s) if you need it
  5. Choose the type of installation - Standard or Custom
    Learn which installation type will work best for you.
  6. Then click the blue Continue button.
  7. Select any TV streaming devices you want to include, then click Continue or select Skip to continue.
  8. Review the order details and click Confirm.

Your order is now complete! A Ting team member will be in touch within 72 hours. Or feel free to reach out to our Sales team directly to discuss the next steps.

Create a prepaid account

When your Ting Internet service is included free of charge by a landlord, property management, or HOA group, you might still want to create an account to receive service-related updates or for tracking purposes.

  1. Select your town and check your address.
  2. Select Continue after confirming the $0/month pricing.
  3. Enter a valid email address and password (minimum 10 characters) for your prepaid Ting account and click Create account.
  4. Select your tenant info options and click Continue.
  5. Ensure the address and plan details are correct, then click Confirm.

There's an error on my order - help!

No worries! If you make an error during the order process or need to change some details, contact our team. We can make adjustments to your order at any time!

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